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The Many Jumpsuits of Thor

You guys, I have so many notes.  Pages and pages of notes.  I’ll try to condense it for you, but I want you to get a sense for what it was like to watch this weird, sleazy, nearly plot-free “movie”.  1,083 more words


"Myth and history, merged into mystery"

We’re starting off with a real bang!!!!  If you’re anything like me, you love a good bad movie.  Something about the combination of sincerity and ineptitude is irresistible to me.  1,201 more words


Do you know Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I spent ‘holiday,’ as the Ghanaians call it, in East Legon a suburb of Accra where I recharged my inner city boy. I am in debt to Kris, an American agriculturalist, whom permitted me to stay at his home – an oasis of Americana with air-conditioning, Laz-E-Boy furniture, Weber grill, and a full kitchen. 801 more words

Letter From New York 01 16 15 Settling into a winter evening...

The setting sun is casting golden slashes of light across my snow-covered drive. The day is ending, a little later than yesterday. The days are growing slightly longer and I can see it, here at my desk, working, caught here almost every night about the time the sun begins to set. 663 more words

Mathew Tombers

Archie vs Predator?

Call this post mash-ups gone wild.

What are two things that should not go together? Two things that absolutely MUST go together.

The latest proof — there’s a new comic series coming out that combines that all-American wholesomeness of the Archie comics with…. 105 more words

Rhyming couplets: A Year of Shakespeare and Lewis

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a number of year in review, my top-ten …, and similar kinds of posts, inevitable I suppose given that it is January now and, somewhat shockingly (I say that in all serious as the new year crept up on me far faster than I was expecting) it is now 2015. 371 more words


Conan the Barbarian - Part 2, Slavery to Freedom

After a young Conan watches his parents be slain, his village plundered, and himself taken into slavery he is placed on the Wheel of Pain… 1,375 more words