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I really, really enjoyed this book. I’m talking it probably ranks in my Top 5 fav books of all time. I have to reread it, but I am fairly certain I’ll love it just as much the second time. 71 more words

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Experts Tackle Question of How Humans Will Evolve

Here is another interesting article from Scientific American. In summary it considers whether human evolution has stopped, which is an interesting topic. All of us Sci-Fi writers imagine future worlds and many of our stories are about humanity in the distant future. 228 more words

Ready Player One - Book review

by Ernest Cline, Wil Wheaton(Narrator)

Published August 16th 2011 by Random House Audio

Recently, audio-books have been in rage and people have started preferring them to e-books. 585 more words


The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth by H.G. Wells

This is a science fiction novel published in 1904, in which two scientists isolate the substance which makes all living things grow. The predictable happens, and soon giant creatures and plants are growing all over England, including some 40 feet high humans! 356 more words

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Alcubierre Drive Practical Application

Here is an interesting article on the Alcubierre Warp Drive which a number of Sci-Fi writers use as their method of FTL.


Simply stated the Alcubierre or Albcubierre metric hypothesizes that by creating a warp in the time/space fabric before and after a vehicle, faster than light or FTL travel can occur. 562 more words

Gemini - Just Released

The Raog are a successful race of aliens who have a good life. Their planet is bountiful, their families are growing and they have peace. Some of them ask questions about their solar system and Doctor Wong finds clues that another planet is orbiting opposite to them on the other side of their sun. 118 more words

Sci Fi Books

sci-fi books

What do I have in common with a man between 15 and 45 years old who refuses to drink and spends his money on books? 53 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness