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Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine?


This is an interesting article proposing that Lockheed has a plan to have a small Fusion Reactor with 5 years. Sounds amazing, and this wouldn’t be the first time that an engineer from discipline B says why don’t those guys in A do it this way. 125 more words

Interview with Eat Sleep Write


If any of you are interested in reading an interview that I did for Eat Sleep Write, here is a link to it. If you want to agree, disagree, laugh at or comment on my responses; go for it. 7 more words

Religion and Science Fiction

ReligionĀ and Science Fiction


Here is an interesting article that has been posted before, but I think it needs more discussion as religion relates to science fiction. 244 more words

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Here is a very interesting new material. I discovered this yesterday while I was talking with a material’s expert.

Graphene is a hexagonal flake of Carbon. 260 more words

Science Fiction


So while I was reading this, maybe in the first 50 – 60 pages my only thoughts were it’s well written but it’s not very good. 238 more words

Book Review

Automata - Starring Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith


I watched this Sci-Fi on Direct TV last night and I enjoyed it. It is a reasonable movie about robots changing their programming to become sentient. 221 more words

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Sleeper spaceship could carry first humans to Mars in hibernation state


Very interesting article at CNN. Finally cryo sleep is here. Go to sleep and wake up a thousand years from now in another galaxy. Well maybe not just yet, but this article talks about real research going on that is a step in that future. 233 more words

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