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Movie Characters You Want on Your Side. Always. Part Four!

If superhero movies have taught us anything, it’s a team of awesome and capable characters are better than one when it comes to kicking butt. 639 more words


Will Terminator Genisys be Judgement Day for the franchise?

Since it’s 1984 debut, The Terminator franchise has been one of the most recognizable and highly acclaimed science fiction series. Brought to life by Writer/ Director James Cameron, the first film was expected to be a commercial failure but has since spawned three sequels(soon to be four) and a short-lived television series. 602 more words


Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 82

The back of the secondary hull is just about done.

And I got a bit of the front done too.


Movie Monday: Time Trap

Hey all and welcome back. Today’s short film is Time Trap.

Time Trap is from Australian director Michael Shanks. Time Trap is the story a lone traveler that crashes on Earth, now a dead world. 129 more words


Star Wars Pas de Deux

Imagine this:  You wanted a big change in your life and, unwittingly, you set out on this epic adventure wherein you witness the death of your mentor, you pick up a woman with danish for hair, you make friends with a giant carpet and a bum on the run.   151 more words

Science Fiction

Movie review: Interstellar (also: embracing sci-fi, and ruminating on the things I love in stories)

If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’m a sci-fi fan, I’d have shrugged, hemmed and hawed. “I like some sci-fi,” I’d say. “ 1,133 more words


Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 81

I got a little work done on the missile bay for the Daedalus.