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Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 80

Just about done with the textures for the head and neck. They both came together much easier this time around. I still have to do the weapons and I’m thinking about redoing the bridge. 26 more words


Comic Review: Under The Flesh


Publisher: Escape Comics

Created and written by Greg Deltres

Illustrated and lettered by J. L. Giles-Rivera

Under The Flesh Press release: 535 more words


Be a Star Wars Star!

Hey, folks!  Just keeping you updated on the latest Star Wars controversy as we wait impatiently for the latest, newest incarnation!

J. J. Abrams, the director of Episode 7, makes an appeal to directly to you, the nerds and the geeks (that includes me, my husband and just about our entire social circle) to donate to UNICEF and if you do, you, yes, YOU might get a chance to win a part in “SW7″! 238 more words

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Download The Giver 2014 Free Movie

Keepers of Memory The Giver is a dystopian drama starring Jeff Bridges about a society suppressed in the emotions and absolute equality of the government are required. 303 more words

Download The Giver 2014 Free Full Movie

You Should See Me in a Crown: The King and Queen of Geekdom

DISCLAIMER: If this sounds like something that was written by someone who talks really fast, it was. If it’s over the top, that was the intent. 1,200 more words


Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 79

I’ve started to remap the warp engines.

And this is the ortho for the Powhatan. I realize I spelled the name on the ship wrong I’ll fix it later.


Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 78

I’ve started to work on the warp pylons textures.

I thought I’d try speculer color and I like the way it turned out. I’ve also begun to work on the textures for the warp engines.