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Star Trek Federation Civil War part 122

More details added to the bridge.

I’m also thinking about something like this for the Nav dish since I’ve never seen it done by anyone else.


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Eighteen months ago, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson rose for the first time in the arena to compete in the Hunger Games. At that time it was not obvious whether the novel adaptation to be a success or would flop at the box office. 241 more words

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Defining Lucy

What is it about the name Lucy that translates into a woman of exception?

My first exposure to anyone named Lucy appeared like this:

Thanks to “Peanuts” and Charles Schulz… 599 more words

Science Fiction

Star Trek Federation Civil War part 121

I chamfered a few edges I needed to get to and started to do more work for the bridge. I also moved over to mental ray for the render.


Star Trek Federation Civil War part 120

Got more detail on the warp engine.

The RCS system is in and ready to go. I’m also thinking that box on the bottom will be the shuttle bay.


Moon (2009)

Sometime back when I had lot of free time at hand, I had attempted to complete watching all the IMDB 250 movies. I had also tried to complete all the top science-fiction and animation movies in IMDB, as voted by users. 565 more words


Star Trek Federation Civil War part 119

Here is an attack shuttle based on a design by John Eaves. I blocked in the shapes a couple of months ago but didn’t post them then. 11 more words