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She literally exploded

In my house, Facebook links to stories like this get ignored. I always consider them the equivalent of those emailed jokes you used to get that made you scroll down for ages, promising you that the punch line was worth it (of course, it never was). 11 more words

Doctor Who


The debate on art and science is an ever ending one. Many want to believe science dictates art, others have their reasons to say art directs science while different voices might argue against both. 739 more words



Holy chrome!

The first cartoon series I ever fell in love with was Battle of the Planets, the American version of the anime series… 171 more words

Cool Stuff

Review: Making a Gilling

One dung Beetle
(1 out of 4 rating)

This is a marginal story, buried under some of the worst writing I’ve seen. I realize that the author isn’t a native English speaker, but if someone is going to publish short stories and novels in English, they can at least take the time to turn on an English spell-checker. 410 more words

Book Review

MST3K history as told by the participants

For those of a certain age and mindset, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a cultural icon.  Here is a great recap of its history from Wired Magazine.

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