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Water memory

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto has been finding through studying human emotions and their impact on the universe via various experiments that every aspect of who and what we are, including our emotions, has a significant impact on the environment. 275 more words


The Lunar Eclipse

Last night was the first of two Lunar Eclipse that will be seen from Australia this year. Here in Adelaide where we live, (that’s in central, southern Australia) by the time the moon rose, it was already fully eclipsed. 46 more words


Sakura from space bloom early

Just as I was feeling nostalgic about cherry blossoms from La Carmina’s recent post about hanami, I came across an interesting piece of science news.  320 more words


The dilemma of a scientist

I often hear the attitude: I don’t believe in God, I believe in science. It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I’m still astonished when I hear how scientists think. 2,167 more words

Ann Widdecombe

Penicillin 2.0 - Reviving an Old Winner

Penicillin, it was one of the great feats of science and has saved countless lives. Antibiotics have been fighting the war on infections since before most of us were even alive. 497 more words


NASA Spacesuit Design Vote Nearly Concluded

NASA is set to unveil their design for the new Z-2 spacesuit for deep-space exploration. Astronauts will soon encounter unprecedented environments in space and NASA wants to insure their safety and effectiveness. 54 more words


Science & Media

While preprocessing data in my office, I overheard people near my door talking about camera positioning. Once again, it seems local news is interested in research. 622 more words

Scientific Journal