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Norwegian Skydiver Buzzed by Meteorite

How many people can say that they were almost killed by a falling meteorite in mid-air while skydiving? Anders Helstrup can.

From Norsk rikskringkasting AS (NRK) 102 more words

A-to-Z Challenge Day Seventeen: Quarks, and Quasars, and other Quantum Nonsense

I think it was Deepak Chopra who first discovered that you could make any kind of outrageous claim you wanted to as long as you put the word “quantum” in front of the words “mechanics” or “science.” For instance, “According to quantum mechanics, the quantum superposition of the wave function is such that all things exist in every possible way that they can exist simultaneously until you observe it, then the wave function collapses.” 775 more words


Mechanical vs. Chemical Digestion

Question: What is digestion and what are the different types?

Answer: Digestion creates the raw materials that your body uses to function properly. There are two types of digestion: mechanical and chemical. 133 more words


NASA's Space Station Robonaut Finally Getting Legs 

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Robonaut, the first out-of-this-world humanoid, is finally getting its space legs.

For three years, Robonaut has had to manage from the waist up. 768 more words