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Fermi Paradox

In April of this year, NASA announced the discovery of Kepler-186f. Many publications  – from scientific to tabloids — talked about Fermi Paradox as if there is no tomorrow without other civilizations lurking (or not) somewhere out there, up above and farther away. 4,679 more words



Artist: Schutt, Ellen Isham, 1873-1955
Scientific name: Rubus
Common name: brambles
Variety: Eaton
Geographic origin: Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan, United States

Natural History

Download Materi Sosialisasi Pelaksanaan Ujian dan Kurikulum Cambridge O Level dan AS/A Level

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Berikut ini saya lampirkan materi Sosialisasi Pelaksanaan Ujian dan Kurikulum Cambridge O Level dan AS/A Level.

  1. Daftar Harga Ujian Cambridge O/AS/A Level…
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Viruses in the news: Andrew Shaw and Connor Bamford explain why for The Conversation

Why are emerging viruses here – and why now?

By Andrew Shaw, University of Glasgow and Connor Bamford, University of Glasgow

The US… 942 more words


Politically (in)Correct Epigenetics

I have recently started studying epigenetics, and find it quite fascinating. Once I started looking I found quite a few studies and documentaries online. In addition to the TED talk above, … 835 more words


HIV-inhibiting condom approved in Australia

Click here for the article. Also on DailyMail.

“VivaGel contains an antiviral compound that, when used as a coating for condoms, can reduce the risk of exposure to viruses that cause sexually transmitted infections. 28 more words