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A-to-Z Challenge Day Twenty: Transcendence and Transhumanism

Lately I’ve found science fiction movies and television to be largely disappointing. Star Trek Into Darkness was a letdown (and I’ll get into that at some later time). 652 more words


A New Kind of Observatory

Start by erecting a five foot tall steel pole which is mounted by hollow steel rectangle. The rectangle can be flat or curved. Inside the rectangle is a flower woven out of wire. 59 more words


Forward this, too.

Last week I mentioned that if you’ve had email for more than a minute, then you’ve gotten a forward from a friend.  It was meant as humor, but unfortunately, it’s pretty close to the truth. 376 more words


Creating the Multiverse in the Mind

Recently I began reading the new book by theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, entitled The Future of the Mind. In the book the author explores the directions that the growing field of neuroscience is leading us and the potential implications for the discoveries already being made. 733 more words


The Loch Ness Monster from Space or How Headlines Can Drive Traffic

This is a satellite image of Loch Ness that appeared in Apple’s satellite app . From the Daily Mail:

So large that it can be seen from space, it is enough to send shockwaves through even the most cynical Nessie sceptic.

81 more words

For A Good Time On The Intertubes Today (And Forever): Annalee Newitz Takes Survival To Extremes

Very short notice this time, folks, but once again, I’m doing the funny intertube-radio thingee.  Today’s broad/podcast brings io9 founding editor Annalee Newitz in to talk about her book… 395 more words

Good Books

Artificial Intelligence Thinking Computer

by Madhudvisa dasa

How do we get a computer to think? The only way I can think of is the use of neural nets. Almost learning by trial and error, much like a small baby does. 2,119 more words