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Ken Ham Declares Aliens Eternally Doomed

Ken Ham, a prominent young earth creationist and the founder of Answers in Genesis, recently lamented on his blog about the money being spent on the search for extraterrestrial life in space. 1,429 more words


A spiritual being

Opposite approaches of beliefs, science and the value of life.
Excerpt book Twelve senses./

The materialist approach in science assigns the following limitations:
- Human beings are under the control of genetic codes and chemicals and the purpose is survival. 201 more words


2. Recommended Resources - Creation Science for Kids

Evolutionism is not science! Rather it is atheistic naturalism masquerading as science. True science points to God.

Are your children learning how science points to God? 774 more words


Day Fly

“an inoffensive race; born to pass thro’ their little stage of being, the prey to a thousand enemies; but hurtful to no creature”

John Hill (1714?-1775)
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Natural History

Quicklinks: Dogs and fish

This first story concerns the intelligence of dogs and the perception of dog owners’ about the intelligence of dogs. As per the io9 article title, … 152 more words


Is Bringing Animals Back From Extinction Ethical?

When speaking of de-extinction there are a lot of issues to consider. Cloning from ancient cells is very difficult and seems like it may be nearly impossible because of the damage done to the DNA due to bacteria and light. 1,161 more words