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Spotting Storm Clouds

A cool breeze sweeps through the summer air after a warm day, stirring the trees and playing with my hair as I watch the distant sky turn that beautiful deep blue color the sky always becomes right before it rains.   475 more words

Clue Of The Week

I'm Back!

After a lengthy hiatus, I have decided to return!

I have been very busy working as a lab technician and taking on some new duties, but I want to get back to writing about the interesting things I have seen over the past year or so. 115 more words

A Powerful Glass of Water

Rick and Sally learned a trick in science class when they were in High School. If you say, “you’re going to die to a droplet of water and then freeze the water droplet it will freeze in a grotesque mannerism. 1,048 more words


Automation is the Joker in the market deck


The Socialist Student body that votes in these policies will be the first to suffer. And since most occupational power is made in the 20-35 bracket, they will suffer the rest of their lives for that folly. 21 more words

Possible treatment and Prevention for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease affects neurons in a particular brain region, when it develops brain cells have their mitochondrial activity cease and then the cells die. But now researchers have shown that supplying D-lactate or glycolate can stop and even counteract this process, a huge step forward to finding a cure or even a way to prevent parkinson’s.


Random Thoughts on Patriarchy, Gender, and World Views

Recently, at another online forum where I participate, a woman named Paula mentioned how other people’s perception of her changed as she went from self-identifying as a cross dresser to identifying as transgender then transitioning to live as a woman full time. 569 more words