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Yahoo the Teaher?

A Tribute to Yahoo!

Yahoo has many good employees!

Yahoo, could have been forced off the Market, if not for a few super Employee!

The problem began years ago, when the interior Board of Yahoo Corporation was experiencing difficulties with the integration of new Internet-base technology, such as LinkedIn. 484 more words

Royalty : GCC And The World.

An Approach to Design

Background Thoughts:

Design is problem solving, innovation, and solution creation. It is the fitting together of objects (real, imagined, tangible, intangible …) of a designers reality so that a purpose is identified or a utility demonstrated/identifiable. 642 more words

Art And Aesthetics

Fact #216

The bacteria “Brocadia anammoxidans” is capable of producing Hydrazine, a Rocket Fuel . It eats Human Sewage and produces rocket fuel, until the discovery of this bacteria, Hydrazine was thought to be a man-made substance… 7 more words

Science And Technology

Fact #214

Philematology is the study of kissing and only began during the nineteenth century.



Fact #208

There is a species of ant that will infiltrate a fire ant colony, kill the queen, then take her place. The workers raise the impostor’s children, which then fly off to infest more colonies. 20 more words

Science And Technology

Fact #207

Wi-fi is now (technically) available on the moon and it can even facilitate large data transfers and high-definition video streaming.


Science And Technology