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New clubs continue to meet, try new things

By Alysa Rippee
Cougar News Blog

CCJH tries to have a little something for everyone by offering unique elective classes, a traveling athletics program, and a variety of clubs and organizations. 315 more words


We’ll Be Missing Our Mustangs

The school year is almost at an end, and this means it’s time to say goodbye to all of your favorite seniors. And what better way than with a kiss? 157 more words

Sunrise Mountain

Science Club post III: Milgram experiment (an update)

We’ve gazed the Observable Universe; we’ve melted metals with the heat of our bodies; we’ve painted with ferrofluids and Neodymium.

All of these are but a very miniscule sample of what science can be. 464 more words

Marvellous Yeast

Yeast is quite an amazing micro-organism. We use it for many different things – bread, Marmite, beer and wine are just a few examples. In science, it is being used to make environmentally friendly biofuel. 344 more words

Key Stage 3

Pengajar: Menjadi Inspirasi Tak Bertepi *catatan perjalanan mengajar

Mengajar itu proses panjang untuk kembali belajar. Tanpa adanya semangat untuk belajar, maka kita bisa-bisa ‘mati gaya’. Apalagi kasusnya anak yang diajar adalah orang yang mempunyai ketertarikan pada bidang ilmu tertentu. 136 more words

Jejak Langkah

Michael Finkel on black holes

(picture from Jet Propulsion Labs; see their good video here)

Good ol’ National Geographic does it again.  Michael Finkel writes this month on black holes (‘Star Eater’, March issue, pp. 934 more words

Science Club

Foamy Fountain

Let’s face it, a staple of all kid’s science experiments has to include some sort of messy, exploding eruption. Here is a simple one you can do at home, or at a science club. 372 more words

Key Stage 3