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MAG Club

Our Week 2 Mag Club session was conducted by Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Harpreet. Our club meeting began by folding paper airplanes, which may seem like an easy task but definitely was not for most of us. 176 more words

Science Club

Panig Athro

It’s been the weirdest and longest week.

I’m exhausted!

On Monday I fell out with a friend. I still don’t really understand why, except that he told me after we’d made up that it was more his fault than mine… It made me really sad for the rest of the day until we had a chance to talk about it and let it heal. 418 more words

Inventions Limbo

Recently, at Antares and Polaris, the members of the Science Club increased their awareness of the inventions that surround us. We began by naming inventions starting with each letter of the alphabet. 157 more words

Polaris Branch

Zombie Run

Harris County High is known for sponsoring many great events. Everything from dances down to fundraiser, these events bring in all of Harris County for a well seen because that is heart felt throughout everyone that attends. 119 more words


Electric Potato

Recently, at Antares and Polaris, our budding scientists disovered that potatoes can conduct electricity. Using a penny (copper), a nail (zinc) and some wire, we found that a potato could produce about one and a half volts of electricity. 211 more words

Polaris Branch

Light and Colour

Recently, at Polaris and Antares, ourĀ Science Club membersĀ learned about light and colour. Did you know that white light is made up of all other colours? 174 more words

Polaris Branch

#ObserveEverything, Citizen Science

Science Friday is a show on PBS radio that I enjoy. This week I heard a story that has fascinated me. They are sponsoring a nationwide program to encourage people to enter into science experiments. 490 more words