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Homeschoolers aged 10 -14yr (KS3)

Homepark Youth Centre, Winchfield Road. Sydenham SE26 5TG
Winchfield Road is off Fairlawn Park. 181 more words


This, at Polaris and Antares, our scientists-in-training  re-enacted the discovery of Archimedes’ Principle. Then, using the principle, they found the volume of several objects by displacing water. 194 more words

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Name That Plant!

This week, at Polaris and Antares, the members of the Science Club became botanists for the day. They learned about the parts of a leaf and identified the leaves of six different kinds of trees found in Montréal. 130 more words

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No-Heat Lava Lamps

This week, at Polaris and Antares, our Science Club members made no-heat lava lamps. The TD Summer Reading Club activity gave us the opportunity to learn about three states of matter. 74 more words

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Planet Formation

Today, at Polaris, our campers learned about how the Earth was formed. Surprisingly, two rather weak forces, static electricity and gravity, played important roles.

This activity fit nicely within the theme for the… 101 more words

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