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This week, the members of the Science Club explored the world of fossils. Fossils are the preserved remains of plants and animals that are at least 10,000 years old. 297 more words

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I'm back! Winter vacations.

Hello there! Sorry for being away too long, I was enjoying my winter vacations :P. I would like to share with you the most interesting thing I did this vacations: 370 more words

He telleth the number of the stars, and calleth them all by their name

Oh, dear.  Here’s me getting all Christian about science again.  It happens every time I lift a new article out of National Geographic – in this case that of Timothy Ferris, ‘A First Glimpse of the Hidden Cosmos’ (January 2015, pp. 564 more words

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Can you spot the 34 butterflies in this photo?

This week, our young scientists learned about ways in which animals use camouflage to survive. They take advantage of their special coloration to hide from predators or to surprise their prey. 197 more words

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Acid Rain

This week for Science Club, our young scientists learned about acid rain.

To start, they examined photos of statues like this:

 Can you see the damage caused by years of acid rain? 264 more words

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January 2015 clubs

The January 2015 club parcels were sent on the 31st of December for UK customers and a little earlier for those with furthest to travel. So I hope I won’t be spoiling any surprises by showing you what January club members received. 270 more words

Science Activities at Christmas Carnival. Uniworld City

BiGyaan Science Club visited Uniworld Garden on Christmas to celebrate wonders of the scientific world with a lovely bunch of young people who were curious and enthusiastic. 161 more words