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Farewell lab bench, hello writing desk

Friday was my last day at the John Innes Centre. Although I’m happy to be moving on to new things, I’m going to miss the place and the wonderful people I’ve been working with over the last 5 years. 454 more words

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What can SciComm do for you?

Wrapping up my first year of graduate school, I was finally getting to the part of my research I was most looking forward to. At last, I was going to get to step away from the computer and get out into the field. 697 more words

Science Communication

High Society

The Biologist Vol 61(4) p28-29

There have been many student societies throughout history: some small, some public, some secret and some that housed the great minds of future scientists.  370 more words

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Dinosaur Trevor’s adventures at Winchester Science Festival

The festival was buzzing all weekend, attracting over 3000 attendees on Friday alone! It was a great way for families to add variety to their summer holidays by engaging in games and other activities, attending talks and even having 3D toys made for them during the festival (we had a glimpse at some brilliant 3D geckos being made, so fascinating!).  171 more words

Public Engagement

How do you like your science? Rare, medium or well-done?

How do you like your science? Rare, medium, well-done?

And your public engagement? Would you like that with a little more public or a little less? 469 more words


The UK's First-Ever Life Sciences Minister

With the cabinet reshuffle that happened a few weeks ago a new post was created, Minister for Life Sciences. This role has been given to George Freeman who was previously the life sciences adviser to the ex-science and universities minister David Willetts and is also MP for mid Norfolk. 120 more words

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New to video? No problem.

Creating an Ocean 180 video abstract might sound like a great idea, but filming and editing may not be skills you have had the chance to develop in your career. 818 more words

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