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How do you like your science? Rare, medium or well-done?

How do you like your science? Rare, medium, well-done?

And your public engagement? Would you like that with a little more public or a little less? 469 more words


The UK's First-Ever Life Sciences Minister

With the cabinet reshuffle that happened a few weeks ago a new post was created, Minister for Life Sciences. This role has been given to George Freeman who was previously the life sciences adviser to the ex-science and universities minister David Willetts and is also MP for mid Norfolk. 120 more words

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New to video? No problem.

Creating an Ocean 180 video abstract might sound like a great idea, but filming and editing may not be skills you have had the chance to develop in your career. 818 more words

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Making waves at the Plant Calcium Signalling meeting

Last week I went to the Plant Calcium Signalling Meeting in Münster, Germany. I really enjoyed the meeting and it was a great opportunity to get an update on the most recent research in the area. 115 more words


Voice of Young Science: Standing up for Science Media workshop

On the 13th June 2014 I attended a Standing up for Science media workshop, run by Sense about Science/Voice of Young Science http://www.senseaboutscience.org/pages/upcoming-standing-up-for-science-media-workshops-.html. I had been to a Science Media Centre event previously and expected something similar, a collection of lectures from leading scientists and journalists heavy with helpful tips. 416 more words

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I'm a Scientist get me out of here!

Just had a great two weeks participating in the ‘I’m a Scientist get me out of here’ scheme http://imascientist.org.uk/

This is a free online event where school students get to meet and interact with scientists. 439 more words

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What Makes a Winning Video Abstract?

Fitting your research into 3 minutes is not an easy job. In fact, most scientists who created video abstracts last year remarked it was the most difficult part of the challenge. 703 more words

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