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Specialist science teachers in primary schools? No thanks!

Science teacher in every primary school – SMH, September 2, 2014

I have a real issue with this.

The science that is taught in primary school is not outside what any literate, thoughtful adult can and should know and understand. 407 more words


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Charlotte 72550972_f48d1ea723_z

Charlotte is friend of mine, and a teacher of teachers.

In this post taken from her blog, she discusses an article from the Sydney Morning Herald from September 2 2014: 'Science teacher in every primary school'.

I think it's a great post, particularly her objection that 'We continue to perpetuate the myth that science isn’t for everyone; that it’s for “special”, “smarter”, or “nerdy” people, instead of the diverse group that primary school teachers are.'

Enjoy the post, and provide feedback to Charlotte directly if you feel inspired!

[image thanks to Bart Everson on flickr

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