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Nowadays, popularizing science on the popular media is an unquestionable thing. As 21st century civics, apparently people get used to utilize various kind of media to disseminate the information. 514 more words


Indigenous voices needed

One effect of increased interest in climate change is that many scientists and policy-makers want to hear from indigenous peoples.

While native folk have been delegitimized historically as unscientific and irrational, today’s movers-and-shakers welcome hearing indigenous voices. 215 more words


The sky night without light pollution - Thierry Cohen

French photographer Thierry Cohen gives the stars back to our night skies in his  “Darkened Cities” series while raising awareness about light pollution.

Light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light. 144 more words


Scientifically Speaking Podcasts: #1 The Infinite Monkey Cage

One thing I have had to get used to during my PostDoc is the silence. I am sure this is similar for anyone who has moved away from shared houses, friends and family to start a new job in their own flat in a new city. 606 more words

Let’s start from the beginning: Indigenous voices in climate change

Perhaps we need to take a step back and re-think what we mean by climate change.

And global warming.

Let’s start with the row about science. 258 more words


Software Carpentry Workshop @EMBL + Reflections on the practice of science

A few weeks ago, I attended a software carpentry workshop in EMBL

It introduces a few important tools for those who would like to utilize computer programming to better their research life. 664 more words

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I didn’t get the email

I completely missed out on some Yankee traditions.

The culture of weddings and anniversaries, for example, escaped me entirely.

One evening we were having dinner with friends, and I complimented our guest on her ring. 262 more words