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The ALS Association - is it really only spending 27% of your Ice Bucket Challenge donations on research?

This post is a little different from usual. There have been several scandalised articles reporting that the ALS Association, recipient of millions of dollars in donations due to the Ice Bucket Challenge, spends only 27% of their money on research – meaning a shocking 73% of donations are wasted. 760 more words

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Who is a science writer?

August 28 was Orientation Day at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, New York University, where I’ve enrolled with the Science, Health & Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) for the 2014 fall term. 424 more words

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Screw you Gravity! The power of levitation.

So it’s been way over a week since my last post, but I have been majorly  busy in the lab recently it being pretty much the end of my final year and all. 496 more words

How Drugs are Discovered, an Explaining to Ellen bonus

So, in my ongoing quest to answer all of Ellen’s questions about science I have reached the topic of drug discovery. She did not ask about drug discovery, but it has been on my mind recently and it links in to something she would like to know about…. 1,697 more words

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A summer of science journalism with the Wellcome Trust-New Statesman scholarship

 Earlier this year the Wellcome Trust and New Statesman announced a joint programme offering paid internships to aspiring science writers from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. The recipients of the first two scholarships spent eight weeks working at New Statesman. 733 more words

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All hyped up | Stem cell treatments in Australia

This week, free public forums and media interviews are being held in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne around the topic of stem cells: the potential, the reality and the dangers. 378 more words