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Star trek tales of telshiar

Star trek tales of the talshiar
Star trek kepler
“Partical z”
Carema reserch facility
Carema sector
Federation space
“We are ready to begin the experiment!”scientist doctor ertikon said.”do so!”the station commander instructed. 74 more words

Star Trek

star trek Kepler part three

The creatures had not moved far from where they had last been spotted. The creatures moved in a very graceful manner. They made a sound. The sound was very similar to a wale song.it was quite an elegant sound. 925 more words

Star Trek

Star trek kepler

Star trek kepler episode one
“There be dragons”
Furengi vessel
“So this is your ship?”the young risean asked.”my ship !”the furengi said .acualy it was his uncle but she did not need to know that. 317 more words

Star Trek

It's all about people and skills (Day 189)

AsĀ our population grows and the challenges facing humanity, and the planet, become more acute, who will be able to provide the answers?

Will it be politicians, accountants, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers or other professions we rely upon to make the world function efficiently? 579 more words

Geoff Maitland