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@NightShiftMD, Dr. Brian Goldman, tackled the issue of First Nations’ right to choose traditional treatments for themselves and their children with, I believe, the correct balance between respect and the need to ask tough questions. 682 more words

Science Education

knowing where to look/thinking to look in the first place: drawing appreciation for the natural world from science

I’m ditching my initial designs for this space. Initially, I thought that keeping the blog “objective” might make more appealing to general users as a catalog of interesting facts. 363 more words

Community Project: Buckeye Elementary

By Amy Marroquin
Class 2015
October 17, 2014

The community project involved six Science National Honor Society members to arrive at Buckeye Elementary School to teach Mr. 462 more words

Buckeye Elementary School

A Science & Literacy Spooktacular

I’m hijacking this blog. I created it to share ideas & inspiration but today I’m going to hawk a learning resource I’ve written for Halloween. But it’s legit since this trick-filled activity pack is a real cross-curricular treat. 280 more words

Grades 6-8

Why So Few Female Students in the Sciences?

by Claudia Wong

When I first started at Temple, as a Physics major, I knew the males outnumbered the females in the science fields; however, entering my first calculus course here, it seemed to be an understatement. 456 more words

On Teaching Differently - Stretching our Imagination as Teachers

Part of being in a PhD program entails gaining teaching experience. After so many tries, I finally obtained a lecturer position for a semester to replace a professor who is on leave. 140 more words


Probing Questions for Sippican Harbor

This summer, Tabor marine science faculty members Jennifer Albright and Kimberly Ulmer, set out to foster some new relationships and learn from local scientists about how to ensure the success of our fledgling oyster farm, as well as ways to integrate the farm into two new marine science courses at Tabor in physical and chemical oceanography. 507 more words