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Americans' knowledge of science is in the dumper

Several websites have already posted about this, so I’ll be brief.  The Associated Press, in collaboration with GfK, conducted a poll on the state of American science knowledge, and the results were truly dispiriting. 988 more words

Science Education

Rockets away!

Saturday’s Science Carnival, by far the Cambridge Science Festival’s largest event, was a great success. The Festival now fills Cambridge high school’s huge main gym plus a basketball gym plus the tennis courts just outside with a remarkable range of mostly interactive science exhibits and completely enthusiastic proponents. 79 more words

PhD with a difference: Microbiology, school science and science communication

Well, WordPress, its been a while. Just days before christmas I successfully defended my PhD Viva. I immediately  started my new job as a medical writer for a digital healthcare communication agency in Manchester (will hopefully blog about this soon), and since then have been pretty busy doing various things. 686 more words


New Science Poll Finds That Four Out Of Ten Americans Are Ignorant Twits

SANTA ROSA BEACH (CT&P) – A new Associated Press-GfK poll taken in March of this year has found that almost half of the U.S. population is either mentally deficient or highly delusional. 754 more words


Poll Shows Lack of Public Support for “The Big Bang”

Aw, c’mon, pollsters. This is stupid. A recent Associated Press (AP)-GfK poll came up with the following two responses (among others):

“The universe began 13.8 billion years ago with a big bang.” 51% of the respondents answered with: “Not too/Not at All Confident” that this statement is true. 446 more words


Some pertinent details about Your Immunology

A little bit about me

My name is Amanda. I’m an American immunologist living and working in the UK. I’ve been studying science since I was 12. 418 more words


Big research ideas in five minutes

The Cambridge Science Festival’s launch event, Big Ideas for Busy People, presented quick snapshots of recent work by 10 researchers “who are established stars or stars on the rise,” noted John Durant, director of the MIT Museum and the festival. 661 more words