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Chemistry and Philosophy Banned by ISIS

The combination of religious fervor and socio-political power often has devastating impacts on education. This is currently happening in northern Syria, where radical Islamic schools are banning the teaching of science and philosophy. 812 more words


Time for Darwin to Retire

Since Darwin, evolutionists have had faith that the evidence to support their theory would sooner or later be found, either in the rocks or in experiments. 426 more words

Once there were billions

JAC: Yesterday I mentioned that today is an anniversary of note. I forgot that it was the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Germans, and thus the beginning of World War II. 733 more words


Kitchen Science: Controls

I’ve been very busy these past few months, so my blog has been put on hold.  That being said, I just had to share this website! 18 more words

Kitchen Science

Friday Find: Brains On!

“Wait! Pause it!”

We were listening to an episode of Brains On!, and my six year old could barely hold in her comments and questions.   316 more words

Books For Kids

Teaching Is Expensive

So after almost a month of new teacher training, professional development, and now TWO whole weeks of students…I’m about to get my first paycheck tomorrow. Payday! 525 more words


Essential Skills for a Modern World

Again I’ve been disappointed while on the internet. I should know better than to expect scientific accuracy and critical thinking skills in the world of social media, where opinions are valued over truth, and truth is often “Because I said so” or “Because someone on the internet said so.” It’s circular reasoning reinforced by ego and emotion. 779 more words