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Teaser Tuesday!

Do you get drawn into books faster when you’ve gotten a taste of what they’re like? Well, that’s what Teaser Tuesday is for! These next few weeks, Teaser Tuesday will focus on our newest books. 613 more words

Marty McFly's hoverboard up for sale at £1million movie memorabilia auction

It was the gadget of the future just about every boy wanted.

Now the hoverboard used by Marty McFly in the 1989 blockbuster Back To The Future II could be yours – if you can spare about £15,000. 320 more words


End of infectious amnesia

Hey peeps, I’m utterly proud to announce the release of the final and third book in my ARIA TRILOGY
ARIA is the thrilling, award-winning, scifi medical mystery and apocalyptic drama that everybody should be talking about and would be if they hadn’t forgotten it through the infectious amnesia at its heart. 315 more words


Proud to present... 'The Encounter' ~ Available Now @evernightpub!

I’m so excited! My story The Encounter is now available!
The Encounter is the first book in a series I’ve started called: The Agency. An ‘advertisement’ for The Agency goes something like this: Seen a ghost? 89 more words

Jacey Holbrand

Two stents heavier

So, on Saturday my wife needed to pop into part of Chester hospital so while I waited I thought I’d pop into A&E just to see if there was a queue. 1,338 more words


Issue by Issue - The Warlord #26

The Warlord, Travis Morgan is travelling with the thief whom he had let live in the previous issue.  They intend on stealing an ancient treasure as Morgan has agreed to help and when they arrive, they find it might be harder to do so then they originally thought.  236 more words

The Telltale Mind

R & Rs & re-thinking a story

An update about my most recent project. So, I was all jazzed and stuff to write for Evernight’s new in-house series, Planet Alpha. The idea came, my fingers flew over the keyboard and out came a story I was totally enamored with. 157 more words

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