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Science in Film! (or, What To Watch During Thanksgiving Break)

The movie-going public has always been fascinated by stories of science gone wrong. As early as 1910, audience members were enthralled by the first silver screen version of… 956 more words


#JurassicWorld Trailer

Social media and the general world wide web is ablaze with excitement as we recently saw the release of the first, official trailer for the new Jurassic World. 166 more words


A Flawless Masterpiece - Review of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Little Elliott finds a little alien accidentally, he quietly takes the alien in furtively and introduces this alien friend to his sister and brother. A wonderful link has formed gradually between Elliot and the alien, which helps them get over the barrier of different languages. 269 more words

Review: Interstellar, 2014, dir. Christopher Nolan

“Whether he’s making superhero movies or blockbuster puzzle boxes, Christopher Nolan doesn’t bandy with emotion. He’s an intellectual clinician concerned more with the whiz-bang side of filmmaking than in messy, icky sentimentality. 97 more words



I went into Interstellar with mixed feelings. Prior to watching it, I had heard things ranging from Interstellar captured the spirit and feel of old hard science fiction novels (for ill and good), that the sound mixing was abysmal, and that the film was initially… 1,268 more words


Interstellar is a Fantasy Movie (but not in the orcs and elves way)

The world that Christoper Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, opens with reminds me of the regression envelope Joe Chip and his companions fall into in Philip K Dick’s… 1,213 more words

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Interstellar film review

Christopher Nolan has with Interstellar created a stunning, bleak vision of the future. 277 more words