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10 Word Review - Transformers: Age of Extinction

Production. Effects. Universe. Autobot. Chases. Action. Exaggerated. Sci-fi. Extinction. No.

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10 Word Review - Transcendence

Intelligence. Love. Loss. Power. Consciousness. Dangerous. Possibility. Sentient. Yes.

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I'm Having a Hard Time Getting Excited About [Insert Name of Upcoming Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie Here]...

…because Hollywood is all about the special-effects-porno when it comes to science fiction and fantasy right now. Seriously, it’s all about the cool effects, the explosions, the slow-mo pan, the lens flare (I’m looking at you, Abrams), the really detailed thing moving super fast to confuse the eye and create an impression of WOW WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT I CAN’T WAIT TO BUY THE DVD SO I CAN PAUSE IT AND GAZE AT ALL THAT DETAIL WITH MY EYE THREE INCHES FROM THE SCREEN. 167 more words

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Movie review: Melancholia [2011]

136 minutes
Directed by Lars von Trier
Starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg
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We have a wedding to attend. Justine (Kirsten Dunst) has just married Michael (Alexander Skarsgård), and her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and brother-in-law John (Kiefer Sutherland) are holding them a reception at their estate–an estate so large it comes with its own 18-hole golf course. 971 more words

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Movie review: Snowpiercer [2013]

AKA Le transperceneige
South Korea
126 minutes
Directed by Joon-ho Bong
Starring Chris Evans, Kang-ho Song, Tilda Swinton
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Of all the possible ways the tattered remnants of humanity could survive a global Hoth-pocalypse, “on a train” doesn’t seem like a particularly likely option. 841 more words

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Movie review: The Zero Theorem [2013]

United Kingdom
107 minutes
Directed by Terry Gilliam
Starring Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis
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An eccentric loner struggling against a suffocating bureaucracy. 835 more words

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Pickin’ The Carcass:  THE LAST DAYS ON MARS (2013)


Michael Arruda

Welcome back to Pickin’ The Carcass, that column where we scour the sale bins and Streaming movie queues to find those undiscovered gems of horror movies we missed the first time around.  983 more words