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Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh

This was such a cool book. It’s science fiction, but definitely could be read and enjoyed by a non-science fiction reader. In fact if this book is made into a movie (and it should be) most people would love it. 913 more words

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RoboCop (2014)

The dangerous thing about remakes is that the idea is never as good as the end product. As much as I protest, they will always remake films…and rarely will they be as good as the original. 223 more words

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Tron: Legacy

I readily admit I have completely forgotten how the original movie ended. I thought Flynn made it out?? Oh well, that was 30 years ago, seriously who remembers things from that long ago? 272 more words

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Chelsea Handler: I'm not a racist; I date a lot of black people

Chelsea Handler has been accused of tweeting racist comments during the Oscars, but the late night TV personality says it’s all just a misunderstanding.

On Sunday, she took over The Huffington Post’s Twitter account to chime in on the awards show, but some of her witticisms hit a sour note.


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This is a sign that people take the Oscars way too seriusly AND that people have no sense of humor. This wasn't David Duke tweeting, it was a comedian known for her brand of comedy.

Total Recall (2012)

I am not a fan of remakes. I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to NOT screw them up? I understand the draw and logic to doing them, I really do. 298 more words

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I went into this movie with every intention of not liking it. I had heard that is was visually striking but since I avoided it while in the theatres, I missed out on that aspect. 308 more words

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After Earth

Let’s round out today with another Science Fiction movie from last Summer. I recall sometime in late winter 2013 coming up with a list of movies to see based upon first glance and not seeing a trailer ( I did this based upon directors and actors). 284 more words

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