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Yahoo Finance Reports MASS EXTINCTION

Business tycoons don’t generally look beyond the stock market page for news about quarterly profits, so Yahoo Finance warned them today that in the long term (over, say, ten years or so) the human species will not only be dealing with inundated beach houses, but possibly a long slope into total extinction (along with the thousands of… 124 more words


ALL THINGS – Chapter 2 part 4

“The Leviathan’s been commandeered! Fighters, engage!” the voice on the radio said.

Sudenjah slapped the shield’s button as the first of the fighters angled to face the Leviathan. 508 more words



At the bottom of their loops, when Robyn and Lilith skimmed just over Mercury’s highlands again, they lit off their engines to make planetfall, so there were two big bright flares telling anyone on Mercury who happened to be watching that two interlopers were come calling. 688 more words

Great American Novel

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson reviewed by Alex Clark-McGlenn

2312 is a lesson in world building. The thing this books accomplished with aplomb is the scope and details that make the world the characters live in believable. 525 more words

Alex Clark-McGlenn

110, 111, & 112

Earth-1 2 9 5
Probe shows radio signals
Alt-Earth Scout team sent

Earth-Prime grav tanks, troops
annex low tech alt-Earth
Governor installed

Alt-Earth Scout team steals… 7 more words


Turn-On Was a Turn-Off

The name of the show was Turn-On, released 2/5/69. I was 13 years old and had heard about this new show coming on that was, in my now dim recollection, created by a computer.  576 more words

Random Meditations

The Black Hole : A Printer Malfunction Provided a Man with a Vortex

The Black Hole Short Film

Okay the short film today is a little oddball piece. It’s an experimental film with a slight hint of comedy to it. 277 more words

Short Film