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Space Command Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

The looks like the next “so bad it’s good” low budget cult classic, and i cannot wait for it. There are parts of this movie that look like it came from a stage play, that is how low budget we’re talking about here. 52 more words



Alan Averill’s THE BEAUTIFUL LAND was a real surprise for me. I picked it up on a bit of a whim; the premise was interesting and I knew it won the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, so I was curious. 378 more words

Science Fiction

On Science and Progress

The first Quantum Computer was completed in December of 2019. The first quantum bomb, less than six months later. 601 more words



Sometimes it’s all too much – the visions, the howls.  At those times, to escape my own head, I need to inhabit someone else’s.

Three times I visited this one; skulked in the shadows of his mind, fed on hopes, imbibed pleasures, excreted fears until there was no telling what came from me and what was there when I arrived.  34 more words



::1330 hours::

{Ω}Danu Station: Wilson’s Quarters{Ω}

Taking Duncan Clarke’s advice, I knew there was only one way to clear my head. I made a brief stop by my quarters to change into PT gear, and less than five minutes later was headed back out the door. 1,632 more words

The Matrix


You know that bit

in The Matrix

where Neo wakes up

on a bunk bed,

head shaved,

cheeks like rice paper?


Remember how his fingers… 45 more words