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The Watchful God. Flash Fiction.

There are many things said about the God in the sky, many, many things.

There are many legends about him, for it is almost certainly a him, but it is hard to know if any of them are in fact true. 559 more words

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Unfortunately, I Have Been Dealing With Issues For Years Involving My Writing.

I have been writing these dark, weird, wonderful and thought-provoking stories for years, but, unfortunately, not everyone seems to get the message. In the past 8 years, I have had more than 150 death threats made against me, 7 threats of restraining orders, none successful, 25 police investigations performed against me as a result of my writing, 3 attempts to assault me physically, and have absolutely zero friends and no girlfriend because of this writing. 131 more words


Update on My Two Sci-Fi Epics, "Sojourn" and "Orbis Solaris"

“Sojourn:” First book is currently in editing, with second book completed and third book nearing completion.

“Orbis Solaris:” First book nearing completion

I have 5 websites that I use to advertise these works and my rough drafts, with more than 500,000 readers total. 13 more words


Curb Chat Episode 12: Action Plans

We’re back with a new episode of Curb Chat! In this episode we discuss action plans: how we decide what to write next. By the time we got to the lightning round, we were pretty punchy. 49 more words

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"The Dead of Night" by David Jobe - GotM Whiteboard Wednesday!

Is this Halloween? More like the Nightmare Before Christmas, when all through the house, not a living creature was stirring – but no one said anything about the undead! 59 more words

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Science Fiction - The Reality?

This is the time of year when science fiction writers tend to have thoughts about Santa Claus doing time travel (to get round the world with all those presents, though strictly speaking he has up to 48 ‘normal’ hours to do so because of Earth rotation) and alternative history stories about the real Star of Bethlehem. 556 more words

Science Fiction

presenting Redwing (ta da!)

Ah ha! The much awaited publication of Redwing is here!

Redwing: Speculative Fiction Takes Flight is available as an e-book for Kindle and Kobo. With ten stories for $2.99, that’s mere pennies per mind-blowing experience! 33 more words