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Scientists find bats can call dibs on their food, warn rival bats to stay away

It turns out we’re more like bats that we ever imagined, for just as we can call dibs on the last slice of pizza, bats can call dibs on the bugs they’re about to eat. 169 more words


Film Friday: Turtles by Tabitha

Happy Friday everyone!

Meet Tabitha, she’s a 6 year old first grader from Nebraska, and cousin of our friend Theo Jass. Tabitha loves sea turtles. Recently, she even received a sea turtle tracker for her birthday that allows her to track the movements of a rescued sea turtle that is now in the wild. 26 more words


When Water Flows Uphill- The Leidenfrost Effect (Video)

From Science Friday:

“In the Leidenfrost Effect, a water droplet will float on a layer of its own vapor if heated to a certain temperature.

33 more words

Analysis of Radio various radio programs

The BBC radio stations are some of the most widely listened to and have an audience all over the world. The BBC World Service¬†is the world’s largest international broadcaster. 253 more words

Journalism Assignment

Get your Science ON!

It’s Science Friday honestly the best day of most of the US for many reasons ie payday, end of workweek, WEEKEND starts it is just all around a good day for most. ¬† 111 more words

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