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How we do science. Science in Society 3                      


Developing and testing scientific explanations

When we make observations we may propose a theory which accounts for them. We judge theories on the basis of the match between their predictions and what we observe. 1,550 more words

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Science and Poetry. Science in Society 2


Peter Atkins

‘Although poets may aspire to understanding, their talents are more akin to entertaining self-deception. They may be able to emphasise delights in the world, but they are deluded if they and their admirers believe that their identification of their delights and their use of poignant language are enough for comprehension…While poetry titillates, science liberates.’ 591 more words

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AS Science in Society: course outline and link to resources

AS Science in Society (AQA)

Why study AS Science in Society?

Science in Society is a distinctive post-16 course. Its main intention is to develop the knowledge and skills that you need in order to grapple with issues related to the science and technology that you meet now and will meet in your adult and working life. 560 more words

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Eschewing Scientific Curiosity in the US - A Slippery Slope.

NPR recently wrote a story titled, “When Scientists Give Up.” The story revolved around scientists that, in the middle of their career, decided to switch professions entirely due to issues with funding. 920 more words


Is doubt the origin of wisdom? Science in Society 1

Science as a ‘doubt factory’

“Doubt is the first step towards knowledge” Aristotle

“Doubt is the key to knowledge” Persian proverb

“By doubting we come to inquiry; by inquiry we perceive the truth” 1,015 more words

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A Shot in the Dark - The Perils of Sharing Vaccine Science

One of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles is simply titled “List of common misconceptions.” The contents range from the invention of baseball (Alexander Cartwright… 678 more words

Science In Society

The Role of Science in Society


Carl Sagan once stated, “… the consequences of scientific illiteracy are far more dangerous in our time than in any time that has come before.” This statement becomes truer every day, as scientific and technological innovations are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. 1,248 more words