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The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep – by Sarah Janes
There have been some incredible developments, discoveries and breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of how the human brain works and the neural correlates for the conscious experience, but in many ways the act of dreaming remains one of the most intriguing and elusive activities of the brain. 1,099 more words


Sleep - Your Mental Janitor

I always maintain that we can get along pretty well for a while without a mayor or other city officials, but not so without the janitors. 122 more words

Mind Food

Quick Fire Review: Her

Here’s The Trailer

Who is in it?

Joaquin (if there is a Magnum PI remake he’ll be first in line) Phoenix, Amy (where’s my Oscar already) Adams, Scarlett (just the right amount of sweet and sexy) Johansson. 317 more words

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