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SPEaC hosts reporter Lauren Silverman for a science communication event

Author: C. R. Morales

On October 1st, SPEaC was pleased to host media expert Lauren Silverman at UT Southwestern. The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for graduate students and trainees at UT Southwestern to learn how to improve their science communication skills. 546 more words

Public Outreach

What Else Happened? II - More Tails of Pterosaurs

Continuing a story of the low-key, not-Spinosaurus paleontological papers recently published, discussing our bizarre Mesozoic macrofauna, this installment covers a few pterosaur tidbits.

The first of these is an amazing assemblage of scattered bones of numerous different-sized individuals that are all almost certainly a single species of pterosaur. 1,597 more words


Job Opportunity: Editorial Assistant - Encyclopedia of Puget Sound

The Encyclopedia of Puget Sound at the University of Washington is seeking a part-time (~8 hours/week) Editorial Assistant. The position is available now, through December 2014 and possibly beyond. 115 more words


What Else Happened? I - The Dawn Dryosaur

Ignoring Spinosaurus for now, paleontology came up with a few other announcements in the last few weeks. Some pterosaurs (gotta love them) but also non-theropod dinosaurs! 937 more words


Berry's chemotherapy role hyped

With cancer being among the major killers in our westernized society, the possibility that common food items could improve or even replace current therapies is an appealing one indeed. 284 more words


The Outlaw Spino Saurus

There’s been a lot of news now about Thursday’s (Sep. 11, 2014) publication on a new specimen attributed to Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. A lot of hype rose up months back about the release of  a photo of a mount of some unusual bones, and what that entailed. 2,435 more words


Science misrepresented: Human-on-a-chip

Does the idea of “human farms” or “artificial humans” make your skin crawl? Anything that sounds even remotely like science fiction seems to be a seller. 417 more words