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Berry's chemotherapy role hyped

With cancer being among the major killers in our westernized society, the possibility that common food items could improve or even replace current therapies is an appealing one indeed. 284 more words


The Outlaw Spino Saurus

There’s been a lot of news now about Thursday’s (Sep. 11, 2014) publication on a new specimen attributed to Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. A lot of hype rose up months back about the release of ¬†a photo of a mount of some unusual bones, and what that entailed. 2,435 more words


Science misrepresented: Human-on-a-chip

Does the idea of “human farms” or “artificial humans” make your skin crawl? Anything that sounds even remotely like science fiction seems to be a seller. 417 more words


Magnetic brain stimulation hype

Magnetic brain stimulation seems to be one of those things that could one day improve all our brain-related shortcomings: attention, creativity, memory, you name it! This week, another study has hit the headlines, with the bold claim that magnetic brain stimulation could improve memory for those with dementia. 357 more words


The (not so) terrible truth about electric bacteria.

It looks like I may have spoken a little carelessly concerning that New Scientist article. For that, I apologize: I got a little excited and took a cursory reading of the article a little far. 426 more words