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The (not so) terrible truth about electric bacteria.

It looks like I may have spoken a little carelessly concerning that New Scientist article. For that, I apologize: I got a little excited and took a cursory reading of the article a little far. 426 more words

Really, again? You've got to be fucking kidding me!

I honestly don’t think I can write any more on how bad Alan Feduccia’s “science” is on the subject of bird origins than I already have, … 2,872 more words


Artificial Intelligence or Mechanically Mindless?

Part I: What you see is what you get, but isn’t what you think

There is an interesting exception to an already interesting exception about one of the largest domains of scientific research (what I’ll call “applied sciences”, made up of fields like engineering, nanotechnology, computer science, etc.). 1,329 more words

Bad beef

Not sure how much to be concerned about mad cow disease in the US.  The article is a little scare mongery and doesn’t seem to have an entirely accurate grasp on prions.  102 more words