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SOLO Hexagon Generator — HookED

SOLO Hexagon Generator — HookED. I was given the direction “Not sure what this is, but worth saving” That’s what I’m doing, although how you’re supposed to tag or categorise something that you aren’t too sure what it actually is, is quite beyond me! 12 more words

Science Teaching

Science Teaching Ideas and Resources on Pinterest

Science Teaching Ideas and Resources on Pinterest. An amazing pinterest board to follow. But then, aren’t all of Danny Nic’s boards, blogs, etc?


Why would a real scientist ignore evidence?

Science is built on observation and evidence. And yet when scientists teach they can appear to ignore both. Years of observation and pages of evidence point to particular ways of teaching as being more effective than others. 594 more words

Effective Group Work

I never realised that doing group work could be such a controversial activity in teaching until I discovered Twitter! This post is not going to consider if you should use group work but how to do it effectively should you choose to use it as part of your teaching repertoire. 1,770 more words


Avoiding the Pile of Work

Sigh.  A week since writing because I’ve just been too damn busy.  The entire internet weeps for the absence.  Seriously, though, I’ve been super busy with fun/work/school stuff.   370 more words


Make Primary Science Exciting!

By Helen Spring

Science at primary school should be exciting and memorable; it should not only provide children with basic science knowledge, but the skills and the inclination to go out and find things out for themselves. 647 more words

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