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Captain Cartwright's ten killer questions to develop a high performing science department

by  Ed Walsh

Having had some minor part in the recent Science Learning Centre and Ofsted events last month, I was intrigued to be presenting sessions at the SS Great Britain in Bristol. 659 more words

Continuing Professional Development

Foundations for Organization

Four of my twelve “Summah Goals”  directly deal with organization, so this week, I want to spend some time divulging what I am doing to keep organized and hopefully stay a little more sane this fall. 757 more words


carl wieman on active learning

Recently I wrote about a paper by Freeman et al: a meta-analysis looking at the impact of active learning on student success in maths, engineering, & the sciences (the ‘STEM’ subjects).  244 more words


Yes and no.

I just wanted to weigh in on this a little bit. I think it gets a lot right, but a couple things wrong. I’m very sympathetic to anyone championing the humanities, because in the face of rampant STEM-fetishizing, wonder-killing, capitalistic practicality, I respect that they managed to summon the energy. 1,206 more words


June is Here

For science teachers in the Philippines, the coming of June marks another school year for challenges and issues in making science learning for students worthwhile. This is another chance to discover new ways of making students learn more. 126 more words

School Year

Human Sundial Teaching Tips

For some reason after a few years of blogging, my most popular post remains how to make a human sundial. Just last week I received an email from a PTA president in Texas who actually had a human sundial built at their elementary school and was looking for ideas on how it can be incorporated into their curriculum. 496 more words

Science Teaching

Using Models to Teach vs. Teaching How to Use Models

I am working with a group of science teachers on the problem of how to make judgments about students’ proficiency in developing and using models. One teacher named Ed asked, “That most of the language in student work turns out to be mine renders student work useless for assessment, doesn’t it?” 2,400 more words

Science Teaching