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Teamwork: How One School is Getting STEM Institute Exactly Right (Part 3 of 3)

“Active engagement in professional learning promotes change in educator practice and student learning. Active engagement occurs when learners interact during the learning process with the content and with one another. 1,208 more words

can money buy happiness?

Well, you certainly need a little, but… lemme explain.

Case study, here. There’s a student on the college campus where I teach who’s about 10 years younger than I am (early 30’s). 365 more words

who needs science?

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Can acupuncture help cure students of pseudoscience?

A Basic Lesson in Pseudoscientific Thinking

As a science teacher, a major focus in my courses is helping students design carefully controlled experiments that give them answers they can trust with a reasonable level of confidence. 3,239 more words

Science Practices

4 Common Stumbling Blocks to Implementing NGSS in Instructional Practices and How the National Research Council’s New Guide Responds to Them

Okay, I admit it. I’m over the moon excited about a new publication. I know. I know. I’ve got to get a life. And this publication isn’t even fully fledged yet. 1,526 more words

Giant Furry Microbes!

Technically not just microbes, but look who’s come to join us in the department!

I used to work in a microbiology department of a hospital and we (well, the lab) had one Giant Furry Microbe. 72 more words


The Weekend I Took the Moon Rocks Home

Only on rare occasions (once or twice a month) do I check for the black SUV’s in my driveway or parked around the corner on the road where I now live.   1,293 more words