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Review: GradeCam

Name: GradeCam
Price: Free for first 3 months; $15/month/teacher or $2.50/year/student
Website: http://www.gradecam.com


Every five years in South Carolina, teachers have to “re-up” their teaching certificates.   1,862 more words


Review: ActivExpression 2

Name: ActivExpression 2
Cost: $1,600 for a set of 32
Website: Here


I think it was the end of my second year of teaching.  We were going through a technology upgrade, which happens every few years, and we had some money left over at the end of the year.   1,877 more words


this quarter's last lecture

These days, I try to leave my students with an inspirational last 10-15 minutes (or so) lecture. Often has to do with a personal story. This time, I didn’t have any personal struggle or tragedy to talk about–which I suppose is good–but the inspiration was more of a challenge. 53 more words

Lego, Girls, Physics, Triple Science and Subject Identity

By James de Winter

Earlier this year, Lego launched a new set, called the Research Institute, featuring a paleontologist, astronomer and a chemist. It was a limited run and sold out almost straight away with copies now available online only at inflated prices. 703 more words

Secondary And Post-16

STEM - Unlocking the Rainbow

Following on from the Skittles posts recently – Candy Experiments and Fun Experiments. We tried this! Well, we tried the rainbow one again, more accurately this time and we got some amazing results. 207 more words


Claims and Evidence

One of the essential ideas we promote in Golden Apple STEM Institute is the importance of having students use factual evidence to make and support a claim. 540 more words

Linking Primary Science and Computing Technology

by Helen Spring

The new primary computing curriculum is a pretty daunting thing to get your head around. Before the summer holidays, most of us had no idea what algorithms, abstraction and data representation were. 410 more words

Continuing Professional Development