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Kids React to Walkmans = awesome

The awesome “Kids React to …” series uses the reaction of kids to certain aspects of the world around us.  The Sony Walkman turns 35 this year (I think I was 8 when I got one) and to celebrate this auspicious milestone, TheFineBros have a panel of 12 kids whose ages range from six to 13 inspect an early version of the then-revolutionary portable audio cassette player. 20 more words

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Todd Kleperis talks about the Wave Glider® - a Marine Robot

By Janet Coulthart, U.S. Embassy U.S. Commercial Services office.

Last month at the U.S. Embassy in Wellington, Todd Kleperis representing Liquid Robotics presented to an audience from New Zealand’s science and defense sectors on the… 91 more words

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The Moon, April 9

Hi everyone! This photograph, which I took on the 9th, shows many interesting lunar features. I took this using the C9.25 and video from my Nikon D3100. 149 more words


Genetically Modified (GM) Foods: Yay or Nay?

By Samaa Lutfi

The first time I heard of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s was back in 2008, in an English class in college. We read an article in the New Yorker by Michael Pollan, “Playing God in the Garden.” I remember thinking, what the heck, potatoes that are genetically modified to be naturally resistant to pesticides? 452 more words


Public Transport Can Impact Peoples’ Health

Factors like public transport, and road networks have significant impact on public’s health. These factors directly affect the amount of air pollution by vehicles, the degree of physical exercise undertaken by individuals, and the number of road traffic accidents and injuries. 574 more words

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"THE HINDU" Simplified, 27th March, 2014

This post has our new initiative “Trains to Mains” at the end of the post. Do Answer! It will be very helpful for Mains 2014! 665 more words

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