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The exceptions of biology: square "bacteria"

This is a very short post with something curious that I found…

Whenever we think “bacteria”, most of us immediately think of diseases, or, if you are a biologist or have ever taken a biology course, you immediately think about roundish-, corkscrew- or “stick-like”- shaped microorganisms. 238 more words


7 things you didn’t know about brussels sprouts

When I first saw brussels sprouts at a farmer’s market I was flabbergasted. Who knew that these little cabbages grew along a large stick, looking for all the world like a medieval club? 888 more words

Science Writing

More ivy, more Ivy Bees !

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a walk around the small Devon seaside town of Salcombe. It’s a pleasant place now that the season is over and we relished the views over the estuary on this cooler but dry day. 328 more words


How to NOT Write Like a Scientist

By Gwen Pearson

It’s a secret we don’t talk about openly: Academic writing is dreadful. If you aren’t an expert in a particular sub-field, it can take hours — or even days — to make sense of a publication. 442 more words

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The Second Week

This week has been pretty chaotic. Anything I said about university being alright can fly out of the window. The work is incredibly difficult and I’ve got a feeling it’s only going to get worse. 538 more words

Bethonie Waring

Funding Opportunity: Grist Fellowship Program (Application Deadline: 10/10/14)

Want to grow as a journalist while absorbing a universe of green knowledge? Apply for the Grist Fellowship Program. We are an independent nonprofit media organization that shapes the country’s environmental conversations, making green second nature for our monthly audience of 2,000,000 and growing. 575 more words