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A response to Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker recently published a provocative article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “Why Academics Stink at Writing.” Academics have a reputation as poor writers, and often even readily admit their lackluster writing skills. 323 more words

Science For A Purpose

How to review a scientific paper

Following one of the most popular posts on ConservationBytes.com, as well as in response to several requests, I’ve decided to provide a few pointers for early-career scientists for reviewing manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals. 1,610 more words


I Wrote About Birds and Technology for Scientific American dot com!

I had such a blast putting together this feature for ScientificAmerican.com on how avian researchers use technology to understand how birds fly (there’s still so much to learn about the subject!).

Ten or more of just about everything science communication

You know how blogs posts/tweets etc entice you in with a number in the heading (ten best …, five tips on …)? Here’s even better: a compilation of lists and articles on… 115 more words

Science Communication

Almost-End of the Year Resolutions

I’m of the opinion/assumption/hypothesis/whatever that New Year’s Resolutions actually hinder people from getting things done throughout the year because the phrase itself suggests that there’s only one time of year appropriate for making resolutions, making it psychologically satisfying to make resolutions around New Year’s but not during other times of year — as if making a resolution in October was somehow a failure at its outset. 264 more words

Why I Didn't Win (Part II)

In the post ‘From Dinosaurs to Astronauts, Long-Live the Bone Cells’ I shared my entry to Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize 2014. The following post includes some of my thoughts on why I didn’t win (or make the short-list)*. 937 more words


From Dinosaurs to Astronauts, Long-Live the Bone Cells (Part I)

In what is becoming an annual tradition, this post is the article I submitted to the Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize 2014*.

When the first vertebrates emerged onto land, their anatomy faced a complex environment. 824 more words