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Two-faced, cross-dressing liars get the girls - tactical deception pays off for courting cuttlefish

Taking multi-tasking to a whole new level – male mourning cuttlefish make calculated decisions to simultaneously lie to other males as they sweet talk the ladies. 996 more words

Quick Heads Up For Some Spooky Action At A Distance Talk

Late, late, late I am in getting this out to you, but I’m doing another webcast/podcast for Virtually Speaking Science today.

I’ll be talking to my MIT colleague, David Kaiser, who is a physicist and a historian of science in our Science Technology and Society program.   219 more words

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The seedy underbelly of science writing

Last week I wrote about how I had been investigating the possibility of doing some freelance science writing, as a way of earning a bit of extra cash while I sort out my career options.   1,256 more words

Career Change

A berry by any other name would taste as sweet: Sneaky Saskatoons

Okay, get ready for a rant. A rant against common names. Common names are the handles most people use to describe plants and animals, like daisy or robin. 714 more words

Science Writing

Proofreading and post-grammatic stress disorder

Am I letting the side down?

Well it’s been three weeks now since I left the lab for good.  I’m feeling a lot more rested after the stress of the last eighteen months at work, when I was trying so hard to make that breakthrough without success. 1,336 more words

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Nature's toughest surprises again

Research into life elsewhere in the universe must begin with life on our own planet. For in finding life in extremely harsh and inhospitable conditions here, scientists can determine how likely it is to find life on planets both suitable for life, and also those planets that at first glance, are not. 184 more words