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The Well-Read Naturalist reviews Collared

John E. Riutta reviewed Collared on The Well Read Naturalist book review this week. In his summary of the book, Riutta wrote:

Collared is not only about wolves but people as well; people with astonishingly different views of the world in which they live, who are honestly trying to work together for their own as well as the common good of their families, towns, and the larger society, to establish a set of rules under which they all – and the wolves as well – can live together with a minimal amount of disruption to their respective ways of life. 21 more words


We mustn't liken a black hole to a baked good

We also mustn’t use the royal we

A prevalent mindset in science journalism is that in order to make a subject accessible, it first must be dumbed-down. 315 more words

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Magazine Layout: Latest Revision

My magazine layout project is coming along nicely.  Here is the latest revision, in image and PDF form.

The photo of Patrick Stewart used in the cover belongs to Nigel Parry of The Guardian, since I haven’t yet found a place to unobtrusively credit him in the layout itself.   143 more words

The Aral Sea

Term paper written at the University of Texas at Austin, @ 1992.

The death and eventual disappearance of the Aral Sea has far-reaching consequences from both an environmental and a human perspective. 2,281 more words

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Ethics in Science Publishing - Practice that goes beyond dubious

This blog post by the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Professor Simon Langley-Evans from the University of Nottingham, is an eye-opener for anyone not familiar with the current practices and behaviours people will attempt in order to get scientific papers published. 12 more words


An Inflated Sense of Optimism for Anti-Overdose Drug?

Moral attitudes in the United States have shifted dramatically around naloxone, a drug that reverses heroin overdose. But could costs and politicians’ everchanging priorities threaten naloxone’s promise to provide life-saving treatment for the masses? 11 more words