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The Unintentional Bomb: A True Story

Nineteen years ago, I began my teaching career at a small, private Arkansas high school. One of the classes I taught was Chemistry, and my principal happened to be a former chemistry teacher, himself.   1,627 more words



Pulsar ( Pulsing Star ) adalah bintang neutron ( bintang yang terbentuk sebagai sisa dari bintang besar yang mengakhiri hidupnya dalam ledakan mendadak ) yang berputar dengan kecepatan tinggi dan memancarkan gelombang radio. 590 more words


Why do kids' clothes need to be gender-specific, anyway?

Feminists and parents are praising US clothing company Lands’ End for launching science-themed t-shirts for girls. The shirts were a direct response—and a very quick one—to a mother who posted… 234 more words

The Bloody Death

Ebola is a frightening disease for many reasons. High fatality rate, high infectious rate, rapid travel through a community, strikes at those who are needed most in a health emergency… but perhaps the worst is the way you die, your organs a bloody soup. 767 more words


The vast majority of us are not "Homo economicus".

Often, when I write about moral instincts, people respond with assertions that we’re essentially selfish creatures and that nothing about morality is natural.  There’s a name for this concept of the solely self serving  human being, “Homo economicus.”  The Neuroskeptic discusses a study that looked for them:   481 more words


Overthinking Sharknado

I saw Sharknado for the first time yesterday, before watching Sharknado 2. They are probably the most ridiculous movies I’ve ever seen, but they are deliberately over-the-top, that’s what Syfy original movies are known for. 502 more words


Non-duality is non-separation

Only in a world defined by time and space will there seem to be a difference between up and down, in and out and back and forth. 218 more words

Spirituality Of The Present