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Watch This Girl Explain Everything You Need To Know To Be A God.

I’ve seen a lot of amazing videos in my day. Russell Brand has said some absolutely amazing things, there are videos of Deepak and Joe Rogan which explain amazing phenomenon and open up questions about the universe that were simply too big for mainstream religions. 111 more words


A Primer On Eugenics - and why it's stupid

Roughly, Eugenics is the philosophy of using science to improve the general human population by controlled breeding, and/or genetic therapy/ intervention to increase the inheritance of desirable heritable characteristics – intelligence, height, looks, health etc… Eugenics pictures the perfect human as having optimal health and optimal intelligence. 664 more words

By this time we should know that the real Bible has not been written.

The real Bible is not the work of inspired men, or prophets, or apostles, or evangelists, or of Christs. It is the work of every man who finds a fact, and adds, as it were, a word to this great book of humanity. 175 more words


The future of planetary exploration robots

An article in Popular Science about explorer robots:


This is a nice idea for an explorer. I’m a bit surprised it is in Popular Science, unless it’s an old edition, since the idea first appeared ages ago, but then again, why not, it’s still a good idea. 495 more words


I'm not saying Greenfield's a pseudoscientist. I point to her pseudoscientific reasoning. That is all

Like a good sharknado, Susan Greenfield is (a) ridiculous and (b) back for more.

We all remember this defence of her claim that internet use causes autism, don’t we? 758 more words