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Solar Fireworks

This movie shows fireworks on the Sun as seen in UV by the Solar Dynamics Observatory while 10 significant flares erupted on the sun from 19 through 28 October. 151 more words


Computer Science Technology Game Programming

http://www.tstc.edu The Graphics, Gaming & Simulation specialization of Computer Science Technology is designed to prepare students for entry into the world of grap…
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DIY Owl Pellet Exploration

Owls are fascinating creatures. They are active at night hunting small mammals, insects, small birds and sometimes fish. Their eyes are large and are fixed in the sockets, so to compensate, they are able turn their heads 270 degrees to see their surroundings! 510 more words

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Sports Science: The Science of the Lie

On Sports Science, can Poker champion Daniel Negreanu bluffs his way past a lie detector. Read about more amazing athletic feats: http://www.amazon.com/Perfe…
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Ayer's "Language, Truth and Logic" - Chapter 5

Chapter five is called Truth and Probability.

Ayer concerns himself with the question: What makes a proposition true or false? Having discussed analytic propositions at length in the previous four chapters, Ayer intends this question to be directed towards empirical propositions. 1,099 more words


Leading Washing Powder Manufacturer Makes Switch to Renewable Biowaste

Tide Cold Water will be the first brand in the world to blend cellulosic ethanol in a scalable and commercial way. Ethanol has long been a key ingredient in the Tide formulation, allowing for stability of the detergent formula and better washing performance. 426 more words