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The benefits of Salah the prayer performed in the Islamic way.

The benefits of Salah the prayer performed in the Islamic way.

The benefits of Salah/salat/prayer performed in Islamic way. There are many benefits of Salah. There are 3 categories of the benefits of performing the Salah/salat/prayer/namaz. 247 more words

Amazing GIF Shows Air Traffic Over Europe

It’s easy to forget how heavy air traffic is but this GIF from I09 will remind you.

See the animated version below…


Cambridge Science Fest fills greater Boston with STEM fun

In today’s episode of “Things I wish I had money and time for,” I present to you the Cambridge Science Fest, which started yesterday and runs until the 26th. 339 more words


A-to-Z Challenge Day Seventeen: Quarks, and Quasars, and other Quantum Nonsense

I think it was Deepak Chopra who first discovered that you could make any kind of outrageous claim you wanted to as long as you put the word “quantum” in front of the words “mechanics” or “science.” For instance, “According to quantum mechanics, the quantum superposition of the wave function is such that all things exist in every possible way that they can exist simultaneously until you observe it, then the wave function collapses.” 775 more words


On Faith & Physics

Spending so much time in hospitals over the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about science and faith.

Lately I’ve been especially interested in the similarities between the central questions of theoretical physics and those of theology: … 882 more words


Truth will always tell

Truth always tells

I feel kind of conceited because I’m reconsidering naming myself truth

but if you ask the deepest people around me they have all deemed it accordingly… 283 more words

Written Work

Visual Chemistry Student Booklet v1 is Out Now!

I’ve just finished making Visual Chemistry Units 3&4.

There are no questions in version 1; just high-quality visual notes. I’m debating whether to add questions at all: companies like NEAP and STAV create excellent questions for Units 3&4, so there’s less of a need for them here than in Units 1&2. 29 more words