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Solar Eclipse Visible Thursday Afternoon


The cosmos will cast an afternoon delight over the country on Thursday with a partial solar eclipse.

The moon will clip the sun, making it look like a fingernail as it sets in the west for most of the country and Canada. 209 more words


On Teaching Differently - Stretching our Imagination as Teachers

Part of being in a PhD program entails gaining teaching experience. After so many tries, I finally obtained a lecturer position for a semester to replace a professor who is on leave. 140 more words


Humans are totally boned: "Planet of the Apes" is coming true

Watch, puny humans, and gape in awe as Kanzi the bonobo builds himself a fricking fire and fricking roasts fricking marshmallows.  Ho.  Ly.  Fricking.  Crap.  Oh, yeah, … 30 more words


The Signified Signifier

Semiotic theory is often disputed. Though the relevance and logic, may be much needed in everyday life, the concepts involved in such a theory are still philosophically debated. 444 more words

Design Practice In Context 2

Time for men to ditch the soy as study reveals a vegetarian diet lowers sperm count

It turns out eating meat may be the best diet for men trying to have children.

Future fathers take note: A new study shows that refraining from beef might harm male fertility, so fire up the grill and get a steak on the go. 193 more words