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Mass and Energy continued

In my last post on this topic, I explained that there are two distinct ways of expressing the relationship between mass and energy in special relativity. 1,537 more words

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A little learning is a dangerous thing

This was one of Alexander Pope’s truest adages (as long as you remember that the emphasis is on the word little: there is nothing dangerous in being well-informed, the trouble arises when one extrapolates from an inadequate knowledge base). 1,670 more words

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S&F The Great Debate

I attended an environmental conference a few weeks back and this continued to be the issue of the day… no wonder environmentalists drink a lot.  On another note I can’t figure out why the resolution seems off the last few cartoons.  8 more words

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In Memory of a Man with a Cheetah on a Leash I Saw when I was a Boy

When I was a kid in Sudbury, in the evening, after a day of running through the forest and swimming and canoeing in Lake Ramsey, I went with my father to one of Al Oeming’s travelling conservation outreach presentations. 427 more words


The Scientific Method

On the Guardian’s history of science blog, The H Word, recently someone posted the following statement:

“the first step in the scientific method is hypothesis”. 1,587 more words

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Circles and Waves

Inspired by Michael’s [1] post here and this video that he generated through mathematica,

I knew I had to try to see how this could be done in processing. 86 more words

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