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Girls Are Bad At Chess

Thus far this century there have been many different ideas posited for why women have been inferior to men when it comes to the game of chess. 1,253 more words

Measure Yourself by the Standard of the Capybara | Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network

Odd but somehow satisfying article wherein capybaras are correctly acknowledged to be the center of the universe. It also includes a poem that would be fabulous but for the references to, well, you’ll see. 23 more words

Dobbye News

Hot As A Two Dollar Pistol

Sometimes similar sounding idioms have different meanings.  Sometimes those similar sounding different meaning idioms have a common root.  Sometimes the idiom hot as a two-dollar pistol… 907 more words

Idioms From The 19th Century


My Journal of Forestry paper and a colleague were cited in a recent article published by ClimateWire (via Scientific American). Check it out -


Climate Change

Are multiple universes real? Some scientists say yes

The good news – they believe they may be real. The bad news – we may never be able to access them, or even want to. 431 more words

The Intelligence of Chickens and the Great Chain of Being

The February issue of Scientific American includes a delightful article by Carolynn “K-lynn” L. Smith and Sarah L. Zielinski on the intelligence of a creature we usually encounter at the supermarket: featherless, cut in pieces, lying prostrate on a Styrofoam tray and covered with a slick sheet of cellophane. 1,198 more words


More Evidence for the Multiverse

For those of you who need “hard data” for the fact that there are other universes besides the one you’re reading this in, here’s a new article from Scientific American: 112 more words

Parallel Worlds