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From Brookhaven Lab via Scientific American: "Proton Spin Mystery Gains a New Clue"

Brookhaven Lab

Jul 21, 2014
Clara Moskowitz

Physicists long assumed a proton’s spin came from its three constituent quarks. New measurements suggest particles called… 1,152 more words

Basic Research


“Screens” in meetings (with one exception), are like a live grenade in a classroom: they divert attention and cut performance immediately.
“Screens” are laptops, iPads and cell phones. 320 more words


Brain eating Amoebas!!! What is it like to be infected with Naegleria fowleri? #science

Roni Jacobson has written a scary/fun/entertaining/sad piece for Scientific American about what it is like to have your brain eaten by amoebas. The almost universally fatal infections are rare, and usually occur from swimming in warm fresh water (think Arizona). 99 more words


Was Feynman a Fine Man?

What a hornet’s nest!

Back in May 2014 I posted The Neg, in which I compared the Pickup Artist technique to Richard Feynman’s account of picking up strippers from his book, … 1,202 more words


TAM 2014: A Journalist’s Perspective

I’ve just returned from The Amazing Meeting, a gathering for people who want to promote critical thinking and science literacy. The event, organized by the… 690 more words



The crowd-sourced project (mentioned in an earlier post) to sequence the Azolla genome has made the July 14 issue of Scientific American. The article has a good review of the Arctic Azolla Event, and it has an interesting — even strange — account of Jeanne Baret, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe and probably the first European to pay attention to the plant. 36 more words


Feynman the Creepy Genius

Another tone-deaf post (now taken down)* related to women and science from Scientific American Blogs sparked a great disturbance in our little corner of the internet around the question of whether or not we should care that Richard Feynman was both a genius and really creepy. 273 more words

Follies Of The Human Condition