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Pelvic exams are pointless, like everything else.

Three things we already knew:

1. Ovarian cancer screening doesn’t work. CA-125 tests and transvaginal ultrasounds rarely detect cancer before stage IV. In fact, at the Joining Forces conference, Dr. 1,312 more words

Country Music & Hip Hop Make You Stupid

Radiohead can make you smart … maybe.

Warning: Fans of Lil Wayne, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Fall Out Boy might want to go read a comic book rather than attempting to comprehend this column. 716 more words


Judge others!

Among the specificities that make academic research a really special world, one stands out as an amazing achievement: the peer review process. Scientific results exist from the moment they are published and available to the scientific community. 459 more words


More People Are Watching World Cup Ads Than Super Bowl Ads, But Are They Better?

Off the top of my head, I can’t name a single ad that I watched during this year’s Super Bowl. But once I read that the latest YouTube statistics revealed that the commercials and featurettes being produced for the 2014 FIFA World Cup had almost doubled the page views of the top Super Bowl ads, I thought, “Well sure, that’s because Nike made two awesome ads, Shakira stole our hearts again for Activia, Beats by Dre brought out the big guns, and even McDonald’s made a commercial that made me consider eating there.” But then, in defense of the ad wizards who busted their asses to make wholesome-yet-fun commercials that fit the NFL’s and Fox’s standards, the World Cup ads are also pretty long.


Surprise, Watching Porn Might Not Actually Shrink Your Brain

Last month, two German scientists published a brain imaging paper in a medical journal that posited a correlation between men who watched a lot of porn and a shrunken area of the brain. 706 more words

Film Drunk

Acupuncture for Epilepsy -- Pros and Cons

A man who had experienced several grand mal seizures while asleep was diagnosed with Partial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and his physician prescribed Dilantin.

“But,” he says, … 1,320 more words


Vulnerability develops Courage: Kind of an Oxymoron

For some time now Author, Leader, Speaker, Berne Brown enhanced the word Vulnerability, through her viral TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability”. She has since become a teacher on OWN/Life Class program as well as author of a consistent page article in Oprah’s magazine. 632 more words