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What?! So, suddenly willows cause erosion?!?

Has there ever been a clearer indication of how the dominance of a simplistic ideology can warp the way we frame reality, than in the case of beliefs around ‘willows and erosion’? 1,926 more words


Die, stupid pandas!

In a very interesting Science article a few weeks ago, Georgina Mace highlighted how Conservation Biology has been going through phases in the way of seeing the conservation of nature. 599 more words


New Study Shows Cannabis Protects Brain from Injury

Cannabis users are less likely to die from brain trauma than those who don’t use, suggests a new study. The evidence supports the main active ingredient, THC, has a neuroprotective effect on the brain. 153 more words


Public Preview

We do Public Review to point out flaws and misconceptions that the original authors and peer review missed. But still, there often is a lot of time, energy, and money wasted. 176 more words

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Crippling Control

Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) often provide rather reliable result. The problems are in the design and interpreting the meaning of the results. E.g.:

There was a RCT comparing the efficacy of NRT, ecigs, and “cold turkey”. 473 more words

Studies & Surveys

Benificial Bias

With internet surveys the authors usually caution that the results are not representative for the population. Not even for all vapers. That certainly is true. But does this limit the validity and applicability of the collected data? 138 more words

Studies & Surveys

Nativist affronts to logic: they're everywhere

No one should have to read this stuff (though it is everywhere and very hard to avoid), but if you are going to read it you should be made to practice critical thinking throughout. 1,332 more words