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Is Everything We Think We Know about Eating Healthy Upside Down?

This topic is huge.  Far too large to cover thoroughly in one blog post.  So, this is Part 1.  Here I summarize the latest, comprehensive argument against the current Western diet status quo. 1,976 more words


Explore New Dimensions of Consciousness through Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams – lucid simply meaning “clear” – occur when you consciously realize you are dreaming, and find yourself capable of making deliberate choices within the dream and guiding your subconscious through the dream realm. 76 more words

Cherokee Billie

Pelvic exams are pointless, like everything else.

Three things we already knew:

1. Ovarian cancer screening doesn’t work. CA-125 tests and transvaginal ultrasounds rarely detect cancer before stage IV. In fact, at the Joining Forces conference, Dr. 1,312 more words

Country Music & Hip Hop Make You Stupid

Radiohead can make you smart … maybe.

Warning: Fans of Lil Wayne, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Fall Out Boy might want to go read a comic book rather than attempting to comprehend this column. 716 more words


Judge others!

Among the specificities that make academic research a really special world, one stands out as an amazing achievement: the peer review process. Scientific results exist from the moment they are published and available to the scientific community. 459 more words