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Faith in the name of Jesus Christ in action - LINKS

Articles from mainstream websites and news sources with stories of the miraculous, of those with solid faith, and of those faced with terrible circumstances yet invoke the name of Christ and see amazing results.   631 more words


The Big Bangs 'Big' Beginning!

By now we have all heard of Georges Lemaitre’s theory of the big bang in which approximately occurred 13.7 billion years ago and therefore this is considered as the start of the universe. 735 more words

Scientific Studies

To App or not to App?

It seems like everywhere I look on the internet lately, I am bombarded with articles talking about studies that too much screen time is rotting our kids’ brains.   287 more words

Geek Parenting Resources

To Sue or Not to Sue?

What do you do when you find out that the prescription pill that you have been taking is now being sued by thousands of people?   Would you sue or not? 1,809 more words

How can you best clean your smartphone or tablet screen?

Is your Smart Phone as dirty as a public toilet?

Various scientific studies, including one from the University of London, have shown that smartphones are contaminated with coliform bacteria, that is, microbes typically located in… you guessed it, POOP! 120 more words

Coliform Bacteria