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The 'Love Hormone' Can Make You Hate: Study

Corrected: April 5.

The oxytocin hormone is often described as the “love hormone” or “cuddling chemical,” but there might be a darker side to it. Not only does it make you feel all loved-up and happy, but also contribute to intolerance and violence, a 2011 study… 173 more words

The Science of Happiness: 4 Science Experiments That Will Make You Smile

Hap·pi·ness noun \ˈha-pē-nəs\:

a. A state of well-being and contentment; joy.

b. A pleasurable or satisfying experience.

via Merriam Webster Dictionary

We all have our own definition of… 518 more words

Science, Breastfeeding and the Media

Are you open to new scientific research?

Are you willing to look at evidence objectively and adjust your ideas (which is basically what ‘science’ is)? 1,242 more words


A new study on polarized training - getting the right mix of training intensities.

If you are serious about your training then you are probably familiar with, or doing some sort of polarised training. This is when you split your week of training into separate workouts of various intensities usually with a breakdown of approximately 80% easy training and the rest as medium to high intensity. 273 more words

Scientific Study

We put the 5 second rule to the test

Earlier this week, we heard that scientists had proven that the ’5 second rule’ actually existed when dropping food onto a relatively clean floor.

Being that scientists are usually pretty smart people, we decided to take their word for it. 48 more words