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Like riding a bike underwater | Science Guinea Pig

Weeks -1 and 0 of the scientific study I’ve volunteered for involve ‘familiarisation’ sessions baseline testing. It makes sense – before I start taking any supplements or doing training, the researchers needed to figure out how fit I am at the beginning. 690 more words

Scientific Study

September Meeting

We had great weather and a good turnout for our September meeting. We have developed “regulars” but we have some people who live far away and come when they can. 598 more words

A New Study Shows That Michael Bay Movies Cause People to Eat More Junk Food

Watching a Michael Bay movie for entertainment is like going to Denny’s for their Hobbit menu: both come from a place of deep shame. Recently, a group of scientists – with seemingly nothing better to do – have built a correlation between Autobots and trans fats. 307 more words

Film Drunk

Now Hear This: Drink Up!

I knew there was a reason I loved coffee!  A new report has come to light!  According to an August 7, 2014 report in Clinicalnews.org, caffeine intake is associated with a lower incidence of tinnitus.  711 more words

the role of CBT in HA

This study highlights the success of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in recovery from HA. The down side is that the study wasn’t large (only 16 women), which means that only 8 were in the control group and 8 in the experimental. 56 more words

Not all scientific studies are created equal

Every year, thousands of scientific studies are conducted worldwide. When it comes to the medical field, researchers all hope and pray that their study will find the answer to the million-dollar question: 151 more words

The Science Of Nutrition