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Old theories. New theories. All the same... (?!)

When physicists translated a 13th-century Latin text into modern equations, they discovered that the English theologian who wrote it had unwittingly predicted the idea of the multiverse in 1225. 322 more words


I Drop Science:  Malicious Water Bottles

The interweb can be a treacherous world of opinionated opinions.  On most days, I aim to keep things light, and leave the rantings to the #amwriting and the #randommusing people of the blogosphere.  779 more words


Science, scientific method, knowing...

The closest and brightest supernova in decades, SN 2014, brightens faster than expected for Type Ia supernovae, the exploding stars used to measure cosmic distances, according to astronomers. 89 more words


To the (Gangsta) Squirrel Who Narrowly Dodged My Car Last Summer

Good Day, squirrel.

This is a declaration of urban war.  Your criminal actions last summer rendered my auto dashboard a Red Sea of neon warnings; and my two rear passengers screamed as if snatched by the Reaper.  975 more words