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Our Intertwined Life Cycles

If it is discussed by billions of people, is an obvious source of behavior modification for many, has had countless lives sacrificed to it, and an enormous amount of resources contributed to its existence, it would be illogical to say it doesn’t exist. 522 more words

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#22 Testing a Theory by Prediction

Scientific theories face in two directions: the past and the future.  You’ve no doubt noticed theories about the past; they include evolution, the Big Bang, etc.. 136 more words

Astronomical Chronicles

Ancient Text

It is widely accepted, or better put, required, that we do not believe the stories told in fairy tales, books, or movies of our current era unless they have some basis within plausible reality. 458 more words

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Why the Definition of God Needs Changed

There are several reasons I think the definition of god should be changed.

Though there are many perspectives of whom or what god is, most take adjustments to our logic and reason to accept as absolute truth. 699 more words

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Inference, Leap of Faith, or Assumption; Who Needs Them?

What is called inference in science is considered a leap of faith in religion, either way it’s assuming to know the answers. Due to advances in science, we now know more than ever about the hows and whys of our existence. 450 more words

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