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Scientism and peer review


I prefer to call peer review what it is, friend panels. If they are your friends, you’re in. If not, you aren’t.

Science isn’t always right, science isn’t a person, it is a process. 27 more words


Accidental Chemical Interaction?

From the evolutionary worldview: “If human beings are just the accidental result of chemistry working over time, why would they be worthy of respect? Would we hold a funeral service if a few pounds of baking soda were destroyed by reacting with vinegar? 71 more words

Nice Theory #2—Experiential Learning

Closely related to Nice Theory #1—Learning Styles is a principle called “experiential learning”. That sounds nice. Let’s give kids good experiences to learn from. Appealing. I like it. 665 more words


Nice Theory #1—Learning Styles

Different people have different styles of learning and it’s incumbent on teachers to be sensitive to this. What could be nicer? Learning style theory respects everyone’s abilities on their own terms, and recognizes our differences not as strengths and weakness, but as simple differences, like height or foot size. 576 more words


“Nice” Theories of Education

I’ve covered a wide array of topics in the past couple of weeks, and I promise that I’ll eventually narrow things down and offer some focus. 322 more words