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Empirical Data and Unquestioned Assumptions

In an interesting twist, the early thinkers (in a modern sense) both within natural and economic history worked with a relative paucity of empirical data and a relative inability to process what data they had, yet their awareness of the fundamental issues at work is more acute than later researchers.   740 more words


scientism - the universe

Unlike use of the scientific method
as a mode for achieving knowledge, 
scientism claims that reason alone
can render truth about the universe…

Well, I have a sense of humor… 147 more words


Spelling out Scientism, A to Z

by John Shook

Friends of religion or spirituality are heard to cry “Scientism!” on occasion. Cultural opponents to scientific or technological strides have used “Scientism!” as a clarion call for resistance as well. 2,534 more words

Against Magic: In Defense of Beauty

After my last post on Roger Scruton’s defense of the humanities,  Steve commented that perhaps I was overstating the differences between the two cultures of the sciences and the humanities: “We ought to be insisting that the hard sciences admit how much logic, language, and rhetoric their disciplines rely on; and we in the humanities ought to admit how much the hard sciences, and especially mathematics, can enrich our disciplines.”  I replied in the comments that I didn’t intend to critique the sciences themselves, just “scientism,” that attitude that seeks to reduce and control in order to exploit reality for its own ends. 636 more words


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So it's happened - I've become too busy writing about philosophy in my real life to write about philosophy on my blog, and so I need another week of hiatus. To make up for the absence of a post by me, I'll leave you with something better - a fantastic post by Jeff Bilbro from Christ & University on the scientism of magic, and the hubris of scientism. This post fits in extremely well with the C&U posts I linked to earlier this week (The Art of Learning).

The Limits of Science in Understanding Mystical Experiences

In recent years, there has been a lot of scientific studies showing a positive correlation between prayer and meditation a person’s mental and psychological well-being.  While this correlation has been known for thousands of years, advanced scientific techniques such as… 618 more words

Reason And Faith

Scientifically Branded Wrapping

The public, taught by the sociologist to distrust its traditional morality, is grateful to receive it back from him in a scientifically branded wrapping.

- Michael Polanyi, …

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the cross hairs are on a symbol, which based on your reaction you have projected your sense of self onto.  and you are now suffering vicarious butthurt based on my effacing what for you is a religious symbol.