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GR and the Limits of Modern Science

One of the claims of general relativity is that we cannot determine the difference between being accelerated by some external force and being affected by gravity. 293 more words

Natural Philosophy

Session 3: Making the Art of Social Control into a Science

Click here to access the lecture, handout, and reading for Session 3: Making the Art of Social Control into a Science. This session focused on social control in China today and how it got there. 171 more words

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The untold story of measles (Vaccines)

This is from April 2014 but it is highly relevant as we have outbreaks of measles and bird flu happening, and the powers that be are trying to get everybody vaccinated despite the fact that vaccines do not prevent the diseases they are meant to fight. 378 more words

Alternative Medicine


Here is another helpful reminder to live in fear:

Global warming could make blizzards worse

This (opinion) report’s context is that, since you are experiencing Snowmaggedon, you must remember that humans like you have caused the climate to grow warmer, one thing leads to another, and another thing leads to another, and so on, and therefore you will get killer storms.  268 more words

Transhumanism: The Anti-Human ‘Singularity’ Agenda


At a TED-like techno-geek symposium in the 2014 film Transcendence, Artificial Intelligence guru Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is asked by an audience member, “So you want to create your own god?” And he answers, “Isn’t that what man has always done?” 38 more words

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