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Critique of materialist reductivism--Sensing God and the Limits of Neuroscience

Whether we are talking about the music of Beethoven and Mozart, the paintings of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, or the poetry of John Donne and William Butler Yeats, we are encountering the works of geniuses who thought they were answering a call to express the transcendent.

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My criticism of militant atheism

On this page, I want to gather all materials I’ve published on anti-theism

This is meant as an index of contents and is not the appropriate place for posting any kind of comments. 487 more words


"Will Sci-Fi Save Us?"

On my drive home from church Sunday I caught a really interesting installment of Studio 360 on NPR; the title: ‘Will Sci-Fi Save Us?” The episode dealt primarily with how science fiction literature influences scientists. 326 more words


It Takes Faith No Matter Whatever You Believe

Basic Theory For The Big Bang: Cosmology starts by assuming that the large-scale evolution of spacetime can be determined by applying Einstein’s field equations of Gravitation (‘EFE’) everywhere: global evolution will follow from local physics. 2,105 more words

Applying falsifiability in science

Falsifiability. as famously espoused by Karl Popper, is accepted as a key aspect of science. When a theory is being developed, however, it can be unclear how the theory might be tested, and theoretical science must be given license to pursue ideas that cannot be tested within our current technological capabilities. 1,519 more words


what we think we know about stress: part three

Part 3: 

Leptin’s Multifaceted Role in the Human Stress Response  :-)

But first, to recap:

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Health "Care" As Social Domination

Recent Reading: Hard Times, by Charles Dickens

Hard Times, by Charles Dickens

Reading this book turned out to be a happy occurrence of providence. I had never even heard of the book when I happened to stumble upon a copy for 25 cents at a thrift store during my vacation last month. 1,214 more words