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The Decline of Dawkins

A couple of years ago I attended a lecture by Richard Dawkins while he was doing the promotion circuit for The Magic of Reality, a book intended for children to help them overcome the mythological beauty of religious narrative. 1,330 more words

Metaphysics: everybody's doing it

Whatever else might be said about the Scholastic worldview, it is essentially a metaphysical description of the world. Since some people may be confused about what exactly metaphysics is, and if they do know they may be suspicious of its legitimacy, I will use this first post and the next to talk briefly about those two issues. 1,591 more words

Albert Einstein

Defending scientism: mathematics is a part of science

by Coel Hellier

While the term “scientism” is often a rebuke to those considered to be overstepping the proper boundaries of science, plenty of scientists will plead guilty to the charge so long as they get a say in how the term is defined. 3,339 more words


Scientism: ‘Yippee’ or ‘Boo-sucks’? — Part II

by Robert Nola

Hayek, Popper and Methodological Scientism

Another Dictionary definition we have seen (B3 in the previous essay) suggests that a kind of scientism arises when the methods of the natural sciences are inappropriately extended to other sciences (especially the social sciences). 4,707 more words


Brief Thoughts On Scientism

I’ve made my thoughts on scientism pretty clear in a few posts – most notably in my series comparing JRR Tolkien’s and William Desmond’s works on religious imagination (parts… 484 more words

The Waste Book

Scientism: ‘Yippee’ or ‘Boo-sucks’? — Part I

by Robert Nola

Charges of ‘scientism’ and ‘scientistic’ abound in writings about science, its character and scope. Most agree that these terms have a pejorative connotation, though others are more than willing to accept the pejorative epithet. 3,323 more words


Some thoughts on anti-religious indoctrination

Throughout academia there are many thoughtful educators. There are also those who have agendas to indoctrinate their students through uncritically accepting and adopting their personal philosophies. 1,636 more words