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Catholicism and Transmutation

Confession No 1: When Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes and the press exposed his Scientology habit, I wrote him off. Who gets into Scientology? That’s weird. 539 more words


The reactive mind

by Jonathan Bourke

We need some videos to disseminate – that give people some understanding on what Dianetics and Scientology are about.

Here is the first in a number to come. 18 more words


The Marvelous Magical Madame Magoo

As many regulars on this blog know, although not an ex-Scientologist myself (the micro-cult I belonged to no longer exists, praise Gaia), I do pride myself on keeping up-to-date with the latest news about the eventual downfall of this vicious cult. 274 more words


Spreading the word

By Bernie Wimbush

Back in 1959 I did the introductory Scientology course under Stanley Richards. From that moment on I wanted to make Scientology career. I told my friends all about it and they simply laughed. 840 more words


Deconstructing Scientology

This is an excerpt from an upcoming book with the working title ‘Deconstructing Scientology.’  It is directed toward those who are considering the possibility of dipping a toe into dianetics or scientology study or participation.   1,066 more words

COB Issues New Purification Rundown Guidelines

An urgent warning is hereby issued to all Scientologists!!! An investigation by OSA has revealed that in addition to drugging the world’s food and water supplies the psychs are now putting deadly psychiatric drugs into the air via chemtrails. 210 more words