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Scientology: How delusional can you get?

This is sadly how off the rails one gets from remaining in the Truman Show.

First a definition; IAS = International Association of Scientologists, an organization created to facilitate donations from Scientologists for no service in return. 132 more words


In the early stages of a possible sequel to "Streaks of Blue"

I’ve begun crafting the first few chapters of a possible sequel to “Streaks of Blue.” So far this one is being told in the first person by Nicole Janicek, the MC of “Streaks of Blue.” It is set in 2018, nearly four years after she survived being shot by Thomas “Lee” Harvey. 171 more words

They fear it because it works

By Tom Martiniano

When a person says something that is just pure garbage, no one will want to comment on it:  Why bother commenting on tripe?  1,371 more words