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Bypassed charge on SOLO NOTs

by Ingrid Smith

I just handled someone on Solo NOTs who had done it in the Co$ for 20 miserable years. It is astounding how complicated they make it, but worse how charged up a person gets . 156 more words


Moving up LRH's Grades

By Milestone Two crew

Some recent wins from a preclear moving up the Grades:

Grade 3

I had some ideas on what I wanted from Grade 3, but it’s hard to know what it is before doing it. 254 more words


How Historicized Mythology Works.

Sorry about yesterday; I was laid up with one of those fun migraine-and-nausea episodes I get sometimes. All better now! On to today’s topic: the historical Jesus. 2,737 more words


How could a Clear feel the way I did?

OT Review

I recently was audited by Ronit Charny.  I am an OT 5 who has been off the Bridge for 2 years now.

After very bad experiences at AOLA doing the OT Levels and then FLAG for a one week review 2 years ago I had serious doubts about COS and their intentions. 553 more words


Reality Check

Folks who have been following the journey I have been sharing on this blog and in my books over the past five years might want to know something about a subject that I have not mentioned in quite some time.   296 more words