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Inktober Day 24



Here’s Day 24 Part 1 & 2: Rex continues his flashback story…


Art dolls, the first one

Meet Mortelina, my first cloth art doll that I’ve offered up for sale! So far I’ve made a few but they have been either part of the learning process or a commission. 588 more words


Inktober 24

I’m on the road today, so here’s a quick sketch from Richmond’s RVACON. This is a girl in costume who works across from me. I really liked her costume.

Inverted World (1974) by Christopher Priest

Ground that slips. Warped horizons. Variable forces. The limits to which genre fiction can be stretched and altered to accommodate its own metafictional boundaries are far and wide, yet few authors dare to test their tales against those limits. 959 more words

Science Fiction

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us! LET THERE BE DRABBLE!


Sooooooo, how’s your week been? Mmm-hmm… Right… Really? With Kevin? You don’t say… Oh, now that’s just lazy. 180 more words

Jake Bible


One of my favorite aspects of creating any sort of story, narrative, or series of drawings is the chance to dive deeper into the background of whatever universe that story exists in. 78 more words