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A Memory of Violence - Percival Arbogast

Over the past few days I had been slogging through the Slaver War series so picking up A Memory of Violence was a welcome relief. I knew nothing about the book, or it’s author, before choosing it as my next to read. 285 more words


Steampunk Star Wars Reveal Yoda, Darth Vader & Princess Leia As You've Never Seen Them Before PICTURES

What do you get if you give Han Solo a sci-fi/ Victoriana makeover?A dashing space hero in google specs smoking a pipe, obviously.Welcome to Steampunk Star Wars – a project by artist Bjorn Hurri. 20 more words


Salt from the Mine

I’ve worked in my office for over ten years, and I’ve never come home with so many books in so few days as I have this past week. 194 more words


Time (noun)

:  a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future

I feel like I have been heavy on the science and short changing the science fiction part of our theme. 168 more words

A To Z Challenge

No Golden Childs

Golden Child: (n) A person who people love no matter what. A person who has everything fall into place through luck <slang>

I’ve always loved science fiction.

373 more words

Yar... pirates

This is not a post about me starting a new story based on pirates.  A FB friend was kind enough to inform me last weekend that I, apparently, am being pirated.  383 more words

Science Fiction

Impossible Astronaut Day

Attention World!

A Member of The Silence

The Silents are alien creatures that you can’t remember seeing the second you look away from them. To combat this unusual type of warfare, The Doctor suggests drawing tally marks on your skin to remind you that they’ve had an encounter. 94 more words