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A Note On Life 002

I chose the impossible, I chose her. Where I did not have to fear the censor, where I was not bound by petty morality…where I could be me. 473 more words


The Foreigner Ch. 5: A Touching Moment

From the author: Hi guys. Thanks to everyone who has been reading! I just want to apologize for font and size inconsistencies between chapters. It’s a matter of the original draft having been copied and pasted between different word editors, and then copied and pasted into WordPress. 801 more words


Formula #1: Chapter One

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Sils Trubb, Chapter 6: Curlicue Hornbill’s Gentleman Adventurer’s Outfitters

“Welcome!” chirped Mr Curlicue.

“Welcome!” smoothed Mr Hornbill.

Silas looked around the little shop. It was typical of the strange little back street specialists that still existed in London, refusing to be swallowed up by office blocks or luxury housing for people whose jobs were, ironically, inversely proportionate in importance, to their level of income. 669 more words


Embryo Alien Necklace Silver Scifi Jewelry for Men's Fashion (w/ SILVER CHAIN)

Reviews Embryo Alien Necklace Silver Scifi Jewelry for Men’s Fashion (w/ SILVER CHAIN) for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Embryo Alien Necklace Silver Scifi Jewelry for Men’s Fashion (w/ SILVER CHAIN) 88 more words

[DB] The Boy with Red Hair

I know, I know. I disappeared for a while, again. Oh well.

The boy sits. The boy with the red hair.
He sits and thinks of the bodies in his big brown wooden wardrobes, dreams of them. 384 more words