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1.12: End of The Beginning

The Future

And so it has come that I have presented the scene in which the characters of this tale have found themselves. I hope that in doing so I have not bored you very much, or that my method of relating their views and perceptions have at all daunted you. 422 more words


1.11: Book of Humanity 48


Once more the affliction returned, bringing with it a new misery.

The very air about him was as sludge, his movements slowed, the air thick in his lungs. 1,028 more words



 No one knew why they came. They just arrived one dark night without warning or anything. I can clearly remember it like it was yesterday. 1,709 more words


1.10: Sister Shannon

Location: Last World Citadel, Kentucky
Date: 4 February 41

I am here, Lord God.

Shannon was there, but where there was, she could not say. 8,789 more words


Tori & Lara - part sixteen

He didn’t move just held out his hand and waited.


Lara was getting annoyed, and tired, and sore. She tapped Michael on the shoulder, “Come on. 536 more words


The Story - Chapter 96

Something was drawing me back to the flame. I really, really wanted to touch it – which I know is a silly idea right? I mean, even I know that flames can burn, but a little part of my mind, the part not obsessed with chocolate/coffee and all things TV (yeah to that really was the TINY part of my mind) suddenly darted back to the very beginning of this strange caper. 145 more words