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Infants Contract Herpes From Oral Suction During Jewish Circumcision

Two New York City infants were diagnosed with herpes after undergoing a traditional Orthodox Jewish circumcision, NBC4 reports.

According to the Health Department, both babies developed lesions on their genitals shortly after having the metzitzah b’peh, a practice in which the mohel — a person trained to perform the “covenant of circumcision” — uses a direct oral suction technique to swab blood from the infant’s penis, was performed on them. 77 more words

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Nicki Minaj Reveals Sexy Artwork for 'Anaconda' Single

Nicki Minaj took social media by storm this morning (July 24) when she posted the artwork for her upcoming single, “Anaconda.”

On the cover, Nicki Minaj is seductively facing back while squatting, and wearing a pink sports bra and thong. 50 more words

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Dick Cheney The Living Embodiment Of Eisenhower's Greatest Fear

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that President Barack Obama is “devastating” the U.S. military and needs to divert more resources away from domestic priorities such as rebuilding roads and making sure low-income people can get food. 84 more words

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2 Percent of Clergy Are Pedophiles According To Pope Francis

About 2 percent of Roman Catholic clerics are sexual abusers, an Italian newspaper on Sunday quoted Pope Francis as saying, adding that the pontiff considered the crime “a leprosy in our house”. 108 more words

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American Apparel Creeper Boss Still Getting Paid

Notoriously skeevy American Apparel founder Dov Charney was fired in mid-June for a long list of reasons, including allegedly misusing company funds, engaging in and covering up sexual harassment, and leaking nude photos of the woman who claims she was his sex slave. 107 more words

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Cam'ron "Funeral" Official Music Video Premiere | First Look

Cam’ron “Funeral” Official Music Video Premiere | First Look from Complex.

Pre-order the EP here: http://goo.gl/5iwKtY

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Drew Leith and The Foundation - With You (Official Music Video) #DLF

The long awaited debut single from the upcoming DLF album has a new video. Watch the visuals to Drew Leith and The Foundation’s hit single “With You” above.

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