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'How to Get Away with Murder' cast shares best killer theories

The puppy did it.

Now that How to Get Away with Murder finally revealed that Wes (Alfred Enoch) was actually the one to land the death blow on Sam (Tom Verica), the cast opened up to… 636 more words


For Thanksgiving Bette Midler Performs A Special Version Of Her Classic... "The Wind Beneath My Turkey Wings!"

Did you ever know that you’re my dinner

You’re everything I wish I could eat

I love you more with all your stuffing

You are the wind beneath my turkey wings. 19 more words


Holiday Tom Turkey Character Actor Fired At Mall. "He Was Really Depressing Everybody!"

“He was really supposed to get everyone excited about Thanksgiving and gear everybody up for Black Friday Shopping,” said Mall representative Maria Dysoto, “but he really just left everyone rather depressed and made a lot of children cry.” Tom Turkey was supposed to be the happy-go-lucky character that would charm shoppers with his humor and can-do spirit, but that is not how method actor Peter Sanfilippo saw it. 221 more words


'Arrow': Despite Black Canary costume, Laurel is far from a hero

Laurel may be suiting up in a new Black Canary costume, but Arrow fans be warned: The novice is far from being a hero. 284 more words


Allstate Insurance Announces "Black Friday" Coverage For The War Torn And Weary Shopper!

“People should be able to shop fearlessly on the first day of the Christmas Season,” says Allstate rep, Carol Ingon. “They shouldn’t have to worry about getting a black eye, or a broken arm, or even a concussion, fighting with other shoppers for the latest toys and tech gear, without some recompense. 167 more words