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The Swell Season (2011)

I’m a big fan of the movie Once. If you have not seen it and like romantic movies I suggest you check it out. It’s about a street artist who falls in love with a girl he meets and the two create music together. 259 more words


The Boys of Baraka (2005)

If you watched the HBO series the Wire, which was set in Baltimore and is considered quite realistic in its depiction of the issues going on in those streets, you won’t be surprised that kids in the poor neighbourhoods have a hard time growing up. 305 more words


Venus Kiss!!; 2-14 Jiken (Sari Natsuki; Honami Yukine) book, fiction - manga

comedy, school, yaoi

Venus Kiss!!

Ikumi is raped by Kunitachi, a senpai on the basketball team that he trusts and looks up to. Deciding he should try to get back at him, he starts flirting with him. 263 more words


Like Water (2011)

As stated in my Warrior review I’m not a fan of UFC as I think the sport is just too brutal. Although the fighters are very skilled it looks way too much like a street fight. 356 more words


Bravo Pizza - Allston, Boston, MA

It’s about time I show some love for pizza that’s actually in my current neighborhood, Allston. My boyfriend and I ordered this on New Year’s Eve as a pre-party snack. 218 more words


2012 Januik Cabernet Sauvignon

“Like playing a game of poker in a dimly lit room over a cigar”

Aroma – “campfire” smoky, dark chocolate, raspberry, slight alcohol bite
Weight – light… 77 more words


Sainsbury's Frozen Pepperoni Pizza

Guest review by my friend Rachel who is in grad school over in London! Thanks for taking Pizza Blonde international. <3

Review: This pizza from Sainsbury’s was solid for a cheap store brand, but I needed to add some garlic salt and pepper for extra taste. 105 more words