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The Door is Open

Everyone has heard a story, seen a movie, or read a book about some unfortunate being who could have walked away from a limiting environment though an open door and didn’t. 246 more words

Create The Life You Want

Saturn Rx in Scorpio: Drawing the Poison out

Current Saturn Rx in Scorpio has people feeling deeply disrupted. Some are totally panicking. I’ve been doing readings lately involving spiritual breakdowns that are coming to a head. 901 more words


Astro Weather - April 17th 2014

Tomorrow morning the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Saturn and continues to do so into the afternoon. It’s a deep and serious kind of mood. Scorpio Moon is very secretive about their feelings and Saturn conjunct the Moon doesn’t show emotions so readily.  86 more words

Harvesting Time at Sepawon

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, selama beberapa minggu ini tanaman yang ada di Sepawon sudah mulai panen. Walau sempat terdampak letusan Kelud akhir Februari kemarin, Allah masih memberikan rejeki kepada hambanya.


The Sixteenth Nakshatra: Vishakha

The sixteenth of the 27 Nakshatras is Vishakha, which spans from 20°00′ in Libra/Tula to 3°20′ in Scorpio/Vrishchika in the Sidereal Zodiac. The symbol for Vishakha is the potter’s wheel, which represents the whirlwind changes and illusions of life. 408 more words


A Traveller

She had to travel, with a path or another
she had to go
the age and the place already had drained her
she was a stranger to all ages and places, she had to go… 546 more words

November Narcissists: A to Z challenge Day#14

“Never date a Scorpio”, he said to the wide eyed girl in front of him.

But you are a Scorpio yourself…..

She was stopped mid-track, “That is precisely why I never thought of dating you before.” 229 more words