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Yamaha Scorpio Terbaru

Yamaha Scorpio 2014 Minimal Release — Seperti informasi yang beredar di kalangan masarakat indonesia beberapa waktu yang lalu, ternyata kabar mengenai keluaran yamaha scorpio yang sangat mengagumkan dan menarik konsumen otomotip di tanah air Yamaha Scorpio bukan sekedar kabar angin… 7 more words

Intro to Astrology: Rising Signs 101

This first post is a direct result of a conversation I just had with my sister1 about my niece2‘s personality. Though I had previously looked at her chart as a whole I had never really zeroed in on her rising sign, also known as her ascendent. 874 more words


Frustration, Thy Name is Verizon!

Today I noticed something interesting:  I was on the Internet, which is at the moment the only route I have to the world outside my relatively immediate surroundings–which I should also add is at this point is almost as important as having a roof over my head–when my connection speeds began to move to a crawl. 303 more words



that means there are so many treasures in my heart




Signs & portents: September 2014 - Scorpio


In September, say the fates, you won’t need to worry about what to tell your wife as her recent purchase of a polygraph is going to make most of your usual excuses obsolete. 65 more words


What's in a Sign?

I’m generally not into astrology but this summer I am definitely embracing my sign, Scorpio. Bear with this rather lengthy description … and if you know me, it’ll likely resonate well. 500 more words


Pria Scorpio Part 4


Cowok pemegang zodiak Scorpio lazimnya mempunyai keahlian untuk berpikir cepat. Kemampuan itulah sering membuat cowok Scorpio menjadi seorang kritikus. Walaupun ia suka mengkritik tetapi dia mampu memberikan solusi terbaik baginya. 1,012 more words