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a moon and two planets

the night sky after dusk on this hot day revealed our Earth’s Moon waxing at first quarter, with Saturn and Mars to the lower right of it. 54 more words

The Real Women of Pearseus

People ran around her, shouting and screaming.  Sol could not move under the weight of the guard and raised her head to seek her brother.  As she did, a second arrow passed so close to her eye that its feathers scratched her eyebrow. 

971 more words
Pearseus. Dark Epic Fantasy

The Tiger's Mother

Tomorrow my first born starts her junior year of high school. She’s in her room right now excitedly packing for the morning and humming a happy tune. 182 more words

I Need To Tell You About This Right Now

September Horoscopes and Insights with Teal Gray

Aries (March 20-April 19)
You are not quite where you want to be. Right now it’s about planning and getting those final pieces of the puzzle in place. 2,021 more words

Horoscopes And Insights By Teal Gray

Watch Mercury Again in September (Small planet, big impact.)

Some people star gaze.  Others watch birds, football, or the weather.  Me?  I watch Mercury.  Why?  Because this little planet rules communication (plus a whole lot more), and communication determines the quality and outcome of everything from soccer games to international relationships.  1,045 more words


A Moonlit Starry Night

It was a rather special day yesterday, Malaysia celebrated its 57th year of independence (Merdeka Day) and the Moon, Mars and Saturn was very close to alignment. 243 more words


The Death Card .XIII.

Death and Rebirth.

Trump Card: XIII

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Personal revolution

Disruptive end, often painful but necessary for growth and renewal

End of a process, relationship, job or circumstance. 139 more words