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Do All Humans have an Immortal Soul?

by Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed - Comments

If you believe in the immortality of the soul, so it would seem, you would have to believe in endless punishment of the wicked or universalism. 159 more words


Have we really misunderstood the gospel?

A clergy friend of mine is reading Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel. My friend says that McKnight argues that we evangelicals have misunderstood the gospel in at least one important way: we overemphasize individual salvation through Christ’s atoning death and resurrection at the expense of the… 606 more words

Disciple (Sean Palmer)

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“We need to make disciples!”

If you want loud applause from an audience of Christian leaders, make sir you mention how important it is to make disciples. 280 more words


Dru Johnson Interview: Biblical Knowing

from Jesus Creed By Scot McKnight – Comments

David George Moore conducted the following interview.  Dave blogs at www.twocities.org.

Dru Johnson is an assistant professor of biblical studies at The Kings College in New York City.   295 more words


Leadership Redefined to Followership

from Jesus Creed by  Scot McKnight – Read the Comments

When Joe Stowell sent me his manuscript on leadership to read for an endorsement, I was not but a few pages in when I realized “this is my kind of book.” Why? 114 more words


The Bible is our only Creed?

by Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed – Comments

Some pastors, preachers, professors, and parishioners will announce they have “no creed but the Bible.” One of America’s Reformed church historians, Carl Trueman, now has a book challenging both the accuracy of this statement (we all have creeds and confessions he observes) and the wisdom of it — not to mention its seemingly inconsistency with the Bible itself, which both has creedal lines and teaches the importance of teaching the essence of the faith. 131 more words


Blue Parakeets in the House of Junia

When first I met Junia I humbly confess that it was with a vexed spirit having little, maybe no consideration for Scot McKnight’s vantage and its validity. 385 more words