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These are still a picnic favourite in my family. They are easy enough to make and transport well. We always eat them cold, but you could have them warm if you’d rather.

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Scotch eggs: The power is in your hands!

It’s no secret that my favourite pub food is the Scotch egg.

There is a possibly apocryphal rumour that the Scotch egg was so named as an insult to Scottish people (much the same as Welsh rarebit was a supposed slap in the face for Welsh people). 92 more words


Eggs. Of All the Foodporn on the Planet, EGGS.

People are really into yolk porn.

I’ve posted over a thousand pictures on social media, including juicy, thick ribeye steaks, crisp, fresh vegetables, succulent pastries, mouth-watering cheeses, lobster, foie gras, caviar, champagne, and they like always like the EGGS the most. 126 more words


An Introduction to Wine

I will be the first to admit that my knowledge in regards to wine is less than impressive. My close friend, and official foodie mentor, offered to have a wine tasting to help give me a basic knowledge of wine – how to go about tasting the wine, what textures and characteristics each wine should have, and what types of cuisine should be paired with each wine. 288 more words


Best of British Summer Supper Club

When you think of British summers what comes to mind? For me it’s rainy days with intermittent sunny spells, Pimms, strawberries and meringues at afternoon long picnics, fish and chips on the beach in Kent, live concerts in the great outdoors (Marilyn Manson at the Milton Keynes bowl anyone?!) and fun times with friends al fresco on the pavements of London. 320 more words

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Kickin' Scotch Eggs

Sometimes I find myself oddly hungry in the middle of the day, and I’m pretty tired of making sandwiches to hold me off till dinner time. 258 more words


Food Discovery -Turkey Scotch Eggs

My friend gave me a crate of white eggs which I took  home and stored in the refrigerator. The next day my first daughters asks “mummy what kind of eggs are those, i want to know before i have them for breakfast?”(my 11 year old daughter is learning to cook her meals now) I replied  “Normal chicken eggs but the white ones, then she said mummy i don’t think they are, why? 245 more words

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