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Living the 'Good Life'

As part of our ‘living co-operative values’ feature, Fay Bowden talks to Co-operative Food store manager, and all round good-guy, Neil Williams

Neil Williams lives The Good Life… 243 more words


Minted Lamb Scotch Eggs with Red Wine Chutney

Some of you may remember my quail scotch egg post a wee while back, and how I swore to take on the scotch egg World and see how many different variations I could try. 626 more words


Eating like in the 80s

It was great William Faulkner, who probably would have been very unhappy about the fact that his saying ” The past is not dead. It’s not even the past now, is ubiquitous quoted everywhere. 508 more words


Gluten Free Geek Week: Shire Baked Scotch Eggs

Planning a portable menu is half the fun of leaving the Shire. This hearty picnic food makes a perfect luncheon for any adventure. Serve it alongside some pan fried boxty and a fresh picked salad and you won’t feel the least bit peckish until it’s time for afternoon tea. 345 more words


The Start of a New Week

So, its been a bit of a mixed bag this week. Its not been the best week that I’ve ever had, what with sleep deprivation, sick children, sick self, finding out a book that I had been wanting to read for a long time was actually the worst book I’ve ever read, the day of 100+ Syns (say no more!)……… so yeah, not a great week! 542 more words


Scotch Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift

There is a ton of palatable delights that can be found at the Feirinha Gastronômica at Praça Benedito Calixto, São Paulo on Sundays. However some of the most surprising are these homemade “Scotch eggs”. 30 more words

Tartan Day 2014

bottle of vodka!!…… bottle of rum……….WOT A SONG, that’s right folks Saturday 5th of April we welcome TARTAN DAY 2014. Calling all Celts, Scot’s and all our expat brethren, dust off your Kilts and get ‘em oot and ‘mon down to Hibernia, sorry I mean Caledonia, to imbibe, sing, have a laugh and most importantly to Celebrate the Declaration of Arbroath, (look it up) basically it means not letting the English rule our land, yes we have that in common, now go watch Braveheart again. 90 more words