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Armored truck pickup, Edinburgh 1955

Armored truck pickup, Edinburgh 1955 by rogerhagan (http://ift.tt/1td3zUg) at 2014-03-23T20:56:53+00:00 (via http://ift.tt/1CXQ1fb)
The women do the carrying.



Well, this is hard. I felt so much more positive last night in starting this blog. I don’t even feel I have the energy to write this blog post right now… but I swore I would keep this up, whether good or bad(sorry for anybody who has stumbled across this blog looking for a particularly cheerful post). 528 more words

Farewell Loving Aunt*, Hello Ministry of Truth

It’s hard to regard her quite as fondly as an aunt once you’ve seen her lie through her snarling teeth at you.

Auntie Beeb. She’s someone we’ve all grown up with, someone who’s sat in the corner since childhood, dispensing unchallenged ‘wisdom’, entertaining, educating and informing – something she likes to remind us she does, and has done all our lives. 1,105 more words

Butterfly Rebellion

A Song From The Land Of No

As my soap (The Apprentice) is back on, my final post on the Greater Stage’s households sojurn in the land of No has been delayed. To keep things ticking over though is a video of an Anglo-Scots group with a song for the better nation we all hope to yet build. 10 more words


Ten Past One

Ten Past One by LewisForfar (http://ift.tt/1s9LY9d) at 2014-06-17T14:10:03+00:00 (via http://ift.tt/1r17NK6)
Balmoral Hotel clock, Edinburgh


Portobello Promenade

Portobello Promenade by teodorcucu (http://ift.tt/1tgTvIM) at 2014-04-05T14:02:49+00:00 (via http://ift.tt/1tgTy7n)
Portobello Promenade, Edinburgh, on a cold winter day


Hand Carved Mahogany Cheese Knives

These are made from reclaimed mahogany and reclaimed Sheffield steel blades.

Each one is unique and I’m working on more just now. Completely hand made, from the cutting and shaping of the wood to the ultra-smooth sanding and waxing. 31 more words