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Good morning North Korea

The BBC has today found itself at the centre of controversy as thousands of confused viewers and listener jammed the corporation`s switchboard with complaints of baffling, inaccurate and misleading news reporting. 901 more words


Hundreds of nationalists descend on BBC headquarters

Pictures posted online showed hundreds of people outside the studio, many with enormous saltire flags – Police Scotland estimated that up to 1,000 … http://ift.tt/1tUSwPF


What does it mean for multiethnic democracies if Scotland leaves the UK?

Scotland will vote Thursday on whether to become an independent country. Whatever the outcome, approximately half of the population believes it … http://ift.tt/1tUSuaA


The Simpsons weighs in on Scotland independence debate

Groundskeeper Willie declares his support for an independent Scotland ahead of this week's referendum. http://ift.tt/1tUStU4


'Think very carefully about the future': Queen finally breaks silence over Scottish independence

The Queen broke her silence Sunday about the potential break-up of the United Kingdom by warning Scots to think “very carefully about the future” before casting their votes in the independence referendum. 921 more words


Will Scotland split from UK? Ask Dr. William McDougal

And while he offered an endorsement of sorts for Alex Salmond as leader if Scotland splits off from the United Kingdom, he also offered another option. http://ift.tt/1qC24xx


Okinawa independence movement seeks inspiration from Scotland

Campaigners from Okinawa will arrive in Scotland on Monday to seek inspiration from the yes campaign as they look to boost support for making the … http://ift.tt/1oMUIBQ