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Stupidity is immune to education.” – Scott Adams


Catbert is coming together!

A couple of days ago I told you what a mess I was making of our newest mailbox decoration, “Catbert” from “Dilbert” by Scott Adams. We finally took the piece out, hung it from a hook on our A frame, and spray painting the whole thing, front and back, with orange paint. 176 more words


열정이 밥준다? vs. 성공이 열정을 준다?

열정(passion)의 정체는?

두리뭉실한 말 같지만 스타트업 계에서 ‘열정’은 왠지 빠질 수 없는 일종의 ‘자격조건(?)’처럼 논의되는 특질(quality)인데요…  저는 기본적으로 열정은 행복의 필수조건 이라고 봅니다. 그런데 그 ‘열정’이 성공의 필수조건인가 하면 또 말이 달라지는데요. 22 more words

View Points (관점들)

The top 10 Dilbert cartoons, according to creator Scott Adams

Dilbert, the well-known comic strip by cartoonist Scott Adams about the office everyman and his crew of incompetent colleagues, was the first syndicated comic that focused primarily on the workplace when it launched in 1989. 882 more words


Another mailbox decoration finished!

This is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. He’s about 3 feet tall and about the same wide. He has glitter on the container and his shoes, and black tubing running from the pipe to the container. 62 more words

The Joys Of Geezerhood

Tell us about yourself.

Tell us about yourself‘ in a typical HR interview is where candidates provide employers a refreshing view of the dullest part of their person: academic history and a googled-list of competencies. 372 more words


...Went Brain Golfing

Brain golfing is a term made up by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. The term means that your mind is somewhere other than where you body happens to be. 501 more words

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