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Build a better life by stealing office supplies: Dogbert's big book of business by Scott Adams

This book – the earliest excursion of Scott Adams’ ‘Dilbert’ strips into book form – was my first contact with the man who was to become my business guru. 60 more words

#83 Simon Rich

Simon Rich joined Altucher to talk about his new show, the architecture of his jokes, and how much the people around us matter. This was Rich’s second interview with Altucher, … 1,334 more words

All bow before our Hive Mind God

The internet is so fascinating, especially given its youth.
Often, the idea of the internet as a sort of emergent hive mind of humanity (or at least the portions of humanity that have access, and make no mistake, this’ll grow) really excites me.   717 more words

Making Some Mistakes Lately...

…(sigh) maybe those mistakes are leading me toward something bigger and better. I hope so.


The man who achieves makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all – doing nothing.    19 more words


2015 Reading Challenge

I’m starting with this because I think it’s a good way to start anything new with knowledge/wisdom/books/vanilla smells. I saw this list on Tumblr. I’ve tweaked it to suit my preferences and given myself some rules to follow while I complete this challenge. 509 more words


#73 Adam Grant

James Altucher interviewed Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant) about giving, taking, and five minute favors. At first Altucher says he was reluctant to have Grant on because he said ‘yes’ and James was writing a book about ‘no.’ Add in that Grant is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and subtract Altucher’s feelings for academia. 1,505 more words