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Of Goals, Systems and Success metrics!

How do you set yourself up for success and maximise your chances of getting there? Its a question to which I guess philosophers have forever thought about – and will continue to ponder on. 985 more words


Sam-bert Journal Page

I love the cartoon strip Dilbert.  I live in the corporate cubed world in real life and Scott Adams captures it so well.  With this journal page, I pay my respects to his art form and in particular this strip which hung in my cube for several months.   175 more words

Art Journal

If you have any trouble... | Scott Adams Quotes

If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it’s done.

- Scott Adams

Awaissoft Quotes

Scott Adams

Dinosaur: I plan to use punctuated equilibrium to turn this zit into a third eye.
Catbert: That’s not a natural advantage. You’d better stay away from the fitter dinosaurs. 14 more words


About Affirmations

“Affirmations are simply the practice of repeating to yourself what you want to achieve while imagining the outcome you want.” – Scott Adams

For a long time, the word “affirmation” brought to mind, … 355 more words


No Pain, More Gain

“No pain, no gain,” they say. They are wrong. You can gain many things easily and with pleasure, like weight, for example, while having birthday cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 387 more words


My Take on the Current Citrus County Political Shenanigans - the FACTS

First let’s start with a disclaimer: In no way whatsoever am I endorsing anyone running for the current Citrus County Commission seats on the ballot this year.  1,788 more words

Life In A Small Town