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Scott Aukerman Traded Places With Seth Meyers On 'Late Night'

Comedy Bang Bang just celebrated its 300th episode, but that’s not why Scott Aukerman was on Late Night with Seth Meyers — in fact, “podcast” might be one of the new Seven Words, along with “vlog” and “hashtag.” No, the Choctaw was there to trade places with Meyers (he’s a talk show host, too) and discuss what it was like to work with… 61 more words


Scott Aukerman


Scott Aukerman is an actor and comedian. He is the host of the show and podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!

You can find Scott’s favorite books at your local library here: 16 more words

Favorite Books

Why Men Should Probably Just Stop Trying to Be Funny

Here’s a clip from the IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang! in which hosts Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts talk to guest Lizzy Caplan about whether men can really be funny. 65 more words

Lizzy Caplan And Scott Aukerman Debate Whether Men Can Be Funny

While the sheeple of the world debate trivial nonsense, like blah blah blah abortion and blah blah blah #BENGHAZI, I’m over here worried about the biggest issue plaguing society: there aren’t enough movie and TV roles for men. 60 more words


Lizzy Caplan talks sexism in Hollywood, makes sweet music with Reggie Watts on 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' -- EXCLUSIVE

Lizzy Caplan is funny, sexy, and seriously talented. She can do it all — and has — in a career that’s spanned from Mean Girls… 219 more words