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American Crossroads "spelling bee" ad hits Jeanne Shaheen for being a rubber stamp for Barack Obama

 American Crossroads has released a new ad here in New Hampshire which hits Jeanne Shaheen as being a rubber stamp for Barack Obama’s agenda. In this ad there is a spelling bee and a contestant is asked to spell ‘Shaheen.’ 46 more words


"Are You Ready For Some Terror?": The Irrational Republican ISIS-Ebola Brigade

I don’t know if Ebola is actually going to take Republicans to victory this fall, but it’s becoming obvious that they are super-psyched about it. Put a scary disease together with a new terrorist organization and the ever-present threat of undocumented immigrants sneaking over the border, and you’ve got yourself a putrid stew of fear-mongering, irrationality, conspiracy theories, and good old-fashioned Obama-hatred that they’re luxuriating in like it was a warm bath on a cold night. 410 more words


Actions Around NH

Last week during the Shaheen-Brown debate in North Conway, the environmental group NextGen Climate set up a display to draw attention to Brown’s ties to big oil.  230 more words

Protecting Our Environment

That's Just So Mean! (Martha Chokeley Edition)

Massachusetts Attorney General and gubernatorial wannabe Martha Coakley just can’t escape her past (see: 2010 U.S. Senate special election).

Thus – inevitably – this piece… 127 more words

"Unbridled Opportunism": Republicans Want You To Be Terrified Of Ebola—So You'll Vote For Them

The first transmission of Ebola within the United States, from Liberian visitor Thomas Eric Duncan to a Dallas nurse, marked a turning point in the political dialogue surrounding the virus toward an unbridled opportunism. 803 more words


Why doughnuts and Harry Reid were part of Rand Paul's N.H. trip

Are doughnuts a political issue for Rand Paul?

Carl Weiser, politics editor at The Cincinnati Enquirer, notes Paul tweeted a photo of himself Thursday in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts in New Hampshire. 223 more words


Ebola becoming issue in key Senate races

Ebola has hit the campaign trail.

At least six Republican candidates locked in tight Senate contests are calling for a ban on travel to the United States from West African countries stricken by Ebola.  517 more words