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So the good is I made it a full week without eating anything like cake, chocolate, cereal bars or sweets. As much whole foods I can afford. 333 more words


Were Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Forced To Leave WWE?

Speaking to AlternativeNation.com, Eric Bischoff discussed the WWE Network’s new Monday Night War and its depiction of history,Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s leaving WWE for WCW, and more Below are some highlights from the interview: 275 more words

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Friday Funday #1 - 'Mantaur'

Welcome to the first article in a weekly series here on totalwrestlingmagazine.co.uk, ‘Friday Funday’! As the name suggests, this is a light-hearted look at the world of professional wrestling, but even though humorous in tone, it’s important to note that it is – in no way – intended to insult or undermine the work done by anybody in the industry. 982 more words


Eric Bischoff Says Kevin Nash And Scott Hall Didn't Leave WWF For Money; Talks Plans For WCW In 2001

AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section has up Part 1 of their new new in depth interview with Eric Bischoff. During the interview, Bischoff discusses his criticism of the narrative in the WWE Network’s new Monday Night War series, his plans for WCW had his deal to buy the company gone through in 2001, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s WCW contracts, being in talks with a wealthy Las Vegas venture capitalist just before going to TNA about launching a wrestling promotion, WCW and WWE’s announce teams and why he hired Johnny Ace during WCW’s dying days. 612 more words