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Challenging Conversations

My husband is a great guy. He’s really smart and he’s very accomplished professionally but he’s also very hard to be around. It doesn’t matter if it’s me or our kids or neighbours or friends at a party, the only kind of conversation he will engage in is to challenge people. 1,125 more words

Scott McPherson

The Friday Dose #14 - Sweetness

This Friday Dose is all about gentle smiles and life’s little pleasures. We’ll start with a simple quick one: even in the wild there humorous little bits of life. 171 more words

Scott McPherson

The Professor and The Fishman

I’m studying Buddhism and am stuck on some concepts. Can you write about “Identity?”

The Concise Questioner

Dear Questioner,

You have a name but you are not your name. 1,022 more words

Scott McPherson

The Friday Dose #12 - Happiness Expressed

If it’s been a tough week then this is just the Dose you need. We’re all about happy today. And we’ll start with this little guy. 205 more words

Scott McPherson