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Eight Series Comic Books Fans Must Read

From fairies to weirdly named superheroes to animated baby mice, this noteworthy list has a variety of comic books that could work for anyone. Even if you’ve never read any comic books, these issues will be sure to spark some interest. 885 more words


GUEST POST: Nostalgia is a thing that is sold at Hot Topic

Following on from my post on the Americanisation of gaming history I invited fellow games enthusiast, writer and friend, Matt Mason to lend a US perspective on the issue… 1,028 more words

Video Games

Movie Nerd Classic: 3 Fave Movie Flaws

As you may have gathered from reading this blog (all 10 of you!) I love movies. I thought I would take a break from spewing bile over 2014 cinema, and try my hand at spewing bile over some of my older favourites. 953 more words

Review: Divergent, Movie Vs. Book

Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Divergent movie is one of those rare unicorns. It’s a movie that’s better than the book. 364 more words


The Credible Hulk's Top 5 Comic Book Movies - 100% Superhero Free

I have me a thing for movies of the comic book variety. Though comic book doesn’t mean superhero, people think they’re the same. The same holds true for movies too. 378 more words


Episode 8- Dan Lewinstein, Larry Kozusko, Billy Beatemup, Trevor Silverstein



  • “In Circles”-Sunny Day Real Estate, Diary (1994)
  • “No Aloha”- The Breeders, Last Splash (1993)
  • “Kicker of Elves”- Guided By Voices, Bee Thousand (1994)
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Visual Narratives

Will Eisner, one of the first cartoonists to work in the American Comic Book industry said “the story form is a vehicle for conveying information in an easily absorbed manner.” 957 more words

Imaging And Data Visualisation