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season finale of #HELLSKITCHEN!

who’s gonna win? it’s male vs male in this finale, jass-on vs. scott.. obv i’m voting for scott, and i’m so mad that jass-on even made it to the finals but w/ the way the competition was going, i knew he would make it ugh!!! 891 more words


"Trail running is just slow mt biking and that is OK"

“Trail running is just slow mountain biking.” and that is a good thing.

I have always felt that trail running was a natural cross over activity for mountain biking. 237 more words

Canada Outside

Heavy Rain Review

Dit is mijn eerste review over een game. Ik zal eerst vertellen waarom ik voor deze game heb gekozen. Dit is mijn eerst eigen gekochte ps3 game, al had ik wel andere ps3 games, dit was mijn eerst zelf gekochte. 920 more words


Scott Yancey’s Porsche GT3 by Auto Blog Via

Scott Yancey is the star of Flipping Vegas, a show that profiles Scott and his wife buying houses, refabbing them and offering them.  While this is not unique, the vehicles Scott drives frequently are.   33 more words

Swords & History

My last post mentioned a book called Desert Of Souls by Howard A. Jones. Thanks to eCLP, I was able to read Mr. Jones’ book shortly after that post went live, and I was not disappointed! 562 more words

I Used To Be a Fourth Grade Genius

I remember once in the fourth grade (that was eight years ago, wow) my teacher Mrs. Scott had handed our class back some random papers. The papers we had written were cute, petite essays about (I think) our families and why we should love our relatives.  593 more words

Fourth Grade