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Android SQLite callback after transaction is complete

Looking for a solution to a SQLite error I’m encountering in Android. Basically in some cases I’m running an insert query, then closing the activity I’m in and moving to the next. 212 more words


What do these numbers in Android logcat mean?

10-21 10:37:32.821  18142-18297/com.myapp.debug D/ SqLiteHelper insertArrayList﹕ Start
10-21 10:37:33.422  18142-18291/com.myapp.debug D/ SqLiteHelper insertArrayList﹕ Finish
10-21 10:37:33.452  18142-18142/com.myapp.debug D/ Screen1 onPause﹕ SQLite db closing

These are typical lines from my Android app log. 74 more words


Dealing with Depression

It always comes in the fall. The shorter days, the cooler weather, and less sunshine, combine that with recent events, it’s fucking with my mind. I find myself near tears multiple times a day. 117 more words


Dead Heat in Florida

Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll in Florida that shows the race for governor continues to be neck-to-neck between Governor Rick Scott (R) and challenger Charlie Crist (D), 47% to 47%.


Quiet Stillness

No Monday Bitchfest today.

It’s been a pretty good day so far. I got to spend some time with an old friend, hike the trails in the Historic District, have lunch with friends, and spend some quiet moments with Scott before he headed back out to hunt. 175 more words