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Emotional Prudence (Part 2): Let's Just Be Friends

By Scott

Click here to read part one of this five part series.

One of the most difficult things about writing about this topic and taking my own personal inventory regarding emotional prudence is that it calls into question the friendly relationships that I have with women in my life.  1,313 more words


The Kelpies Falkirk Grangemouth By Derek Ramage Photography


The Kelpie sculptures are located at the Helix Park in Grangemouth, near Falkirk.

Chosen by Scottish Canals at the inception of the project, The Kelpies name reflected the mythological transforming beasts possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses; a quality that is analogous with the transformational change of our landscapes, endurance of our inland waterways and the strength of our communities. 64 more words

The Way of Things

We’d never been this far from our familiar stomping grounds before.  West of the railroad tracks, three blocks past State Street, (which was the normal boundary of our unofficial territory), across a large overgrown lot littered with needles, cans, and used condoms.   1,640 more words


Kendra Scott Signature Danielle Earrings in White Pearl & 14k Gold Plated

The most popular earring from the Kendra Scott line, are these Danielle earrings. They are so popular because they a classic design! The elongated design and reflective stone looks beautiful against your jaw line. 21 more words

How a dad carries his kids

Front hold.

Top hold.

Side hold.

You’re too wet to hold hold.


Emotional Prudence (Part 1): The Charioteer of the Heart

By Scott

I recently had the opportunity to sit on a panel of fellow young adult Catholics, hosted by The Goretti Group, discussing authentic masculinity and femininity.   1,636 more words


ScottBlogs ~ How wars start

“C*ck!!…” His voice sounded out into the Hitchin air as Vic drove away. What the hell happened there, I wondered, how did he get so angry, so quickly?