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Charity Has Begun

Today’s post has gone audio!

Listen to my poem Charity Has Begun on sound cloud.

It’s about society, poverty, ecology.

All things I care about and reasons I joined the Scottish Green Party this autumn. 44 more words

What Lies Beneath: The Threat of TTIP

We are entering winter waters and an iceberg called the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its twin CETA (Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement) 712 more words


Alliances and Not-Alliances: Westminster 2015 - postscript

I don’t want to harp on about this much more, but I do want to add two short points to my last post on the Scottish National Party’s failure to pursue an alliance with the Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party in the 2015 Westminster elections (and warm thanks, by the way, for the lively discussion in the comments section of that posting – they are well worth reading if you haven’t already done so). 498 more words


The Undertaker and the Midwife

By Mike Small

An extraordinary weekend in Scotland as the fallout from the referendum continues and a new political landscape unfolds. The potential as indicated from Ipsos/Mori polls is eye-poppingĀ – with a possible disastrousĀ collapse of Labour votes and a huge swathe of SNP returns to Westminster, which has triggered a wider debate in the radical and progressive left about tactics, strategies and futures. 626 more words


Alliances and Not-Alliances: Westminster 2015

I’m a Green party member, and during the referendum campaign I canvassed a bit for Yes in my area. My party’s strength in the Stirlingshire… 1,543 more words