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The Undertaker and the Midwife

By Mike Small

An extraordinary weekend in Scotland as the fallout from the referendum continues and a new political landscape unfolds. The potential as indicated from Ipsos/Mori polls is eye-popping – with a possible disastrous collapse of Labour votes and a huge swathe of SNP returns to Westminster, which has triggered a wider debate in the radical and progressive left about tactics, strategies and futures. 626 more words


Well Scotland...

You blew it big time, didn’t you?

The referendum for Scottish Independence ended almost four weeks ago, and it is only now that I feel I can write anything down.   543 more words


My Smithazon Wish List

I would greatly love for Scotland to have the power to raise and spend the vast majority of taxes. It is also my sincere belief that an arrangement along these lines would be dear to the hearts of the majority of us Scots. 735 more words

Strong Roots

By Mike Small

Looking back at our posters now has a different feel. In new circumstances they take on new perspective. Some are just unbearably sad now, others come into their own, like this, above.  769 more words


The Viable Verdant Version

After my self-imposed exile I’m back. Leaner, meaner and greener. Okay… I’m definitely not leaner as my post result grief-bacon will attest. And I don’t think I’m meaner, I started out this Referendum process positive and after last week’s low I am feeling positive once again. 762 more words