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On grief and independence, part 2

by Andrew Eaton-Lewis

It is just over a year since my dad died. In theory I should now be in the final stage of grief – reintegration, accepting your newfound reality and moving on. 3,606 more words


Why I Joined The Green Surge

With the combined UK Green parties now having more members than the Liberal Democrats or UKIP, it seems a good time to talk about why I chose to join the Greens and ended up being a part of the so called ‘ 754 more words


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Ofcom have today announced a draft decision that the Greens are not a major party and as such do not necessarily need to be included in the televised leader debates during the upcoming general election campaign, while simultaneously deciding that UKIP ARE a major party and should be included. 281 more words


Hope is Important

After a few days of pretty partisan, heavy political posts I thought it was time to share something a little more personal…

Six months ago, I wasn’t a member of a political party and I didn’t write about politics daily. 676 more words


Mean Greens?

Back in December, I read a rather good article on the Guardian which put forth the idea that the Greens needed to embrace their dark side if they were to snaffle up disillusioned Labour voters, but also to tap into the vein of anger running through people in this country the same way that Podemos and Syriza have elsewhere. 506 more words


Why I Think We Should Make Tactical Voting History

Back in October, I wrote about how I was conflicted between voting for the Greens or SNP in next May’s election.

To paraphrase that article, I want to vote for the Scottish Greens as I agree with most of their policies (to the extent that I joined the party) but they have only a tiny chance of winning my (or indeed any) seat. 1,067 more words


Charity Has Begun

Today’s post has gone audio!

Listen to my poem Charity Has Begun on sound cloud.

It’s about society, poverty, ecology.

All things I care about and reasons I joined the Scottish Green Party this autumn. 44 more words