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Scottish Identity

“Scotland is a distinctive nation…and is sufficiently distinctive to consider political independence”.

“it’s been easier to portray Scotland’s endless agonising over constitutional status as a right royal pain… it’s been far easier to mock northern indecision, view Scottish independence as Alex Salmond’s personal obsession…it’s not so easy to regard the plodding Scots as a revolutionary vanguard DESTINED TO CHALLENGE ┬áBRITAIN’S CENTRALISED, CLASS-RIVEN UNEQUAL SOCIETY. 1,671 more words


"Free comedy show! You don't even have to hate Catholics to love it!"

I got caught in three separate Orange Marches today, one in Edinburgh and two in Glasgow. I’ve talked a bit about the Orange Marches before, and how they are Scottish – and especially Glaswegian – separatism at its best, with its massive immigrant and Catholic hate. 1,077 more words