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I finally watched Capaldi’s Doctor. (Well, I say finally. There’s only two episodes out. Finally is relative.) I haven’t watched Doctor Who in a few months, so I can’t clearly remember what Matt got to be like toward the end. 64 more words


Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2014

As the title might suggest, this September, from the 6th to the 21st (yes it’s not quite a fortnight, more 16 days), there is a nationwide celebration of… 604 more words


Relaxed Sophistication, Scottish Wedding Film By White Balloon Films

“You are the sunshine of my life.”
This may well be the only line we recognize from Swiss groom, Cedric’s, wedding speech, but when it comes to spotting true adore, we don’t require to speak French to be in a position to inform you that this fun-loving couple are head more than heels for eve… by… 7 more words

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How Yes turned to No.

It may surprise some people that I wasn’t always a committed No voter. Like many people, my decision came after a long period of deliberation, talking with friends and family, and reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. 2,040 more words

Google creates webportal with videos, news and hangouts Scottish independence referendum

The geopolitical map of the world could change dramatically if he wins the “Yes” in the referendum that will be on September 18 in Scotland to decide whether the country remains tied to the UK with England, Northern Ireland and Wales, or whether Otherwise it becomes an independent nation with its own parliament and more features that would give management the only democracy to perhaps his… 247 more words



Wedding of the fucking century.

Outlander Season One Episode Three

By this point, Outlander has established itself as a slow-burning peek into (slightly anachronistic) 18th century Scotland through the eyes of someone unfamiliar with it. It is deviating a little from the book it is based on, but still very similar to the source material. 654 more words

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